Patton Kizzire - Hitting A Draw

Patton Kizzire discusses how he hits the draw and mechanics behind it. He explains where the clubface is aimed against the path of the clubhead.

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Shot Shaping Hitting a Draw Patton Kizzire


I'd like you to demonstrate me a little low draw into that wind--


--and what would you do for that.

All right. Well, what creates a draw is the club face--

Ratio against the--

--to the path ratio.


So you're aiming-- say I'm going to the flag here with a little bitty draw with a 52-degree. You're not playing a big draw. I'd be looking at swinging the club about four to five yards right of the target.

That's the path.

That's the path. And then I would have the face halfway.

It has to be left of the path.

Right. It has to be halfway between the path and the flag.

That's what puts the curve on it.

That's what gives it a little bit of spin and has it come in.

I tell people if you and I play ping pong with a flat bat right here back and forth, we're straight, everything's straight, straight, and then all of a sudden I go there, that's what puts the curve on it.


I can't do that in bowling, by the way.

You can't?

I can't make it curve. Can you?

Oh, yeah.

I got to learn. You got to teach me that.

I have it come--

In, out?

Yeah, I have the ball on the inside part of my arm here. And when I come in and you pull up--

Oh, I got to try that.

--the ball comes out.

I've been pulling out over.

Yeah, you don't want to-- you want to go straight and up. And that ball come off.

OK, I'll fix that. I'll fix that move already.

All right, a little draw. I'm going to aim my club face a couple of yards right of the target. And I'm going to aim my path a little bit more, about twice as far. So four yards--

Can you aim your path, or did you do that with the ball position, or you just--

Oh, that was my stance in my eyes.

Yeah. I'm going there.

Right. Yeah, you're looking out there, and your stance is towards your path. But your club face is independent. So I've got my club face just a little bit right of the path, stance a little bit further right.

Baby draw.

Baby draw.