Patton Kizzire - Low 4 Iron Draw & Fade

Patton Kizzire discusses how he hits the low 4 iron draw and fade. For a draw, he will put the ball back, which shift the plane to the right. Keeping the clubface left of the path at impact will produce a draw.


Let's see your low shot that you hit. How do you do that? Great fun shot to hit, right?

Yeah. Ball position, shot shape. I've got the ball moved back in my stance. I'm looking a little bit of a draw. So the ball is already further back than I'm used to.

That's the path.

I don't need--

Any more.

I don't need anymore. I'm already where I need to be. And I just feel like I'm just really covering the ball.

With your body.

Right. With my--

Right hip, right shoulder.

Everything. Everything is a little bit more on top of the ball, as opposed to--

Behind it.

Sweep behind and give you a little bit--

Let's see that one.

Low draw. So my path is going to be a little right of my face.

That's the one you like to hit?

Yes. I love--

That's like my three wood.

I love that shot into a back pen or trying to run one up the front, up to--

Let's see you burn one down this-- down this hedge down here, and we'll fade it--

Fade it off of it?

Yeah, let's do that.

The old hedge burner.

A little hedge burner. We'll put one right down that left side, right. Not as easy to hit it low left to right, but we'll call it medium, eh?

Yeah, I think I got it.


Oh. That was tasty.