Patton Kizzire - 2 Driver Swings

Patton Kizzire demonstrates the difference is between 2 driver swings, aggressive and conservative, off a 618 yard par 5. One swing going for it in two, the other with lay up in mind.

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Strategy Off the tee Patton Kizzire Driver


This is the sixth hole at Ocean Forest, and it is 618 yards.

It is. It's a long par five.

Tell us what you're going to do and why you're going to do it.

618 yards, you got to make a decision whether you can get there or not. If you can't get there, then there's no reason to really push it.

Off the tee.

You don't want to push it off the tee. You want to--

Push it, As in too much?

Yeah, you don't want to give it too much because you're sacrificing some accuracy that way. You're really looking at shot placement. You want to place your ball here, layup, place your ball on a nice spot on the layup, and then have a nice wedge into the green. So this one, I can play it two different ways. I can get a little overaggressive and really try to smash it, or I can do like I am today, and hit a nice, solid stock drive, which is my little fade, down the center, keep it short of the right bunker, and then layup from there.

How about we do both?

We'll do a little bit of both.

How about you hit, because we've just driven out here. How about this is your-- you're going to play the hole in three strokes from here. And then we'll let you have one where you go for a smash and you tell us how you smash it.

All right, I'll do a three-shotter on the first one.

OK. So is there anything here that you have to avoid?

There's fairway bunkers.

Up the left.

There's fairway bunkers on the left, and there's a fairway bunker through on the right side, which is normally only reachable when I really go after it.


So you're just going to slide one down here and play? Keep away from the left.

The wind's down off our right shoulder, so I'm going to start it at my ending target, and fade it against the wind, and let it come down the same line--


--which is right at the right side of that small, tiny bunker in the distance.


I could tell you didn't go crazy on it, as you said. You just faded it out there.

Yeah, I just scooted it down there.

All right, so now we're going to go with the-- if you are going to indeed go for the big hit, what is the big hit? What do you do? Do you delay it? Do you--

I feel like I'm loading up a little more energy. And my attack angle is going to be a little bit more up.


I'm trying to get a little bit more carry, a little less spin, and ride the wind a little bit more. The wind's blowing this way, so I want to match that wind and the ball flight.

Yeah. So you swing yourself around almost?

Right, the first one was fighting the wind a little bit. This one's going to ride it.


So I'm going to aim down that right center at the flag, and really try to launch one and let it ride the wind towards the middle of the fairway.

And this is all the jets.

This is all the jets. Wasn't perfect.

It was way up.

Yeah, it was up. And it's--

It didn't turn over, but still, you smashed the heck out of it.

Yeah, it might have gone in that bunker, that through bunker.

I'd keep that one for me.

Yeah, I hit it pretty good.