Patton Kizzire - 3 Chipping Strategies (Part 2)

Patton Kizzire demonstrates 3 different ways he can chip from the same place, and which one has the best results. There's a dip in the middle of the green that he will hit into and use to his advantage.

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Patton Kizzire Pitching Spin Flop shots


That was the easy guy. That was the low low easy guy.

That's the least amount of trouble could happen to you.


What's the next amount of trouble?

Well, the next round of trouble is, I like to find-- there's a dip. See the dip? There's a dip in there and if I pick out the trajectory to land it in the middle of the dip, scoop up, it'll land flat and roll up. If I were to miss it, it's short, it lands on the downslope.

No good.


The way I've imagined it, if I miss it, it's short and it lands short, but it has more roll.

I see.

If I were to gas it a little bit--

Hit the upslope--

It hits the upslope and slows down faster. So it's kind of a--

Oh you've got a little insurance.

I've got insurance, yeah. I've got--

Which one would you go with for that?

I think that will be a 56 degree--

In to the middle of the deal.

Right. A little bit of a driven 56. A little bit less. Take a little bit of loft off of the 56.

So a little bit more lean?

Right. No.

I could add some to the 52, but I feel more comfortable driving the 56 a little bit this way.


So I'm trying to land in the bottom. If I give myself the insurance short and fast.

I never thought of it that way. You carried it what you thought, got it pinned high.


It's a slight push.

Right. Just a slight push.

So the eight iron's winning so far. So now I'm going to go with this would be the tour sauce right here.

The tour sauce, yeah.

And this one here was maximum amount of difficulty, taking out all the slope. The only time you really might try to do this, it would be if there was more slope than this.

Right. If I really-- if it feels just super difficult--

And you could think you could do it.

Right. Maybe if I had a back side behind the hole, and I can fly it out there and use the backstop a little bit. Yeah, there's a lot of situations where I would-- might be able to only get it close by flying it there. Are you going to do this one like you showed us, where you cut across it or you're going to be--

Yeah, I'm going to cut across it a little bit. It's going to be a medium trajectory.

You're going to try to fly the whole dipsy-do.

I'm going to fly it right there next to that first ball.

All the way.

All the way with the big sauce on it.


That's a nice sauce.

That was a little higher than I wanted. Bell's bowling balls.

Bowling balls.

That was the 8 iron.

That's what I'd definitely call that.

It's not always--

-- glamorous.

It's not always the most dramatic.

Duff will be hating on me for that last shot. He'll be crushing me.

Oh he'd be so mad at you right now.

He'll be crushing me.