Patton Kizzire - Long Iron 2nd Shot

Patton Kizzire discusses how he hits a long iron shot from the fairway onto the green on the last hole of competition. He hits a draw shot against a left to right wind to straighten the flight.


OK, you've had a great drive. You've only made it to the fairway by one yard. Of course, you gave yourself all that room there to let that fade work. And you noted back there, you said it stayed straight.

Yeah this was where a straight one would end up. And I knew if it wasn't straight, it was going to have a little bit of curve to the right. And I gave myself a lot of fairway.

Because you and I talked about that you should never aim your ball in the middle of a 60 yard-wide fairway, because then you're only hitting in the 230s.

Yep, 230s. You need to have an idea of what your curve is and start it on that side, and give yourself that--

--whole room.

--whole fairway.

OK. We've got 205 yards, approximately. You've got your 5 iron. You have got to hit the green, it's pressure. This is all about pressure. How can we make a good swing here, and get this ball on the green?

Well, this is a long iron and a little bit of wind. So the expectations aren't to hit it really close, because that would be taking on a lot of trouble. We're looking for the middle of the green. I mean, we're trying to give ourself a birdie putt.


Four is a great score here any day.

Right. What you want to have happen is you hit a good shot in the middle of green and you have a big bonus by rolling in a 25 foot birdie putt.


So I'm a matching the middle of the green to a club that I feel very comfortable hitting that distance, and trying to keep that ball in the fat part of the green.

Are you going to do like the tee ball and let it work away from the flag to carry the wind? Or are you going to try to fight it up in there a little?

With my irons, I feel comfortable working the ball both ways. So I'm going to use the spin to keep the ball from turning to the right.

So you're just going to, basically, hit a straight bullet at the middle of the green there.

Yeah, it's going to be a little bit of a draw sensation for me. But with the wind, it'll kind of straighten it up. There's a tall tree there over that bunker.

I see it.

That's where I want the ball to end up.

That would be miraculous, wouldn't it?

You hit it good. It is drawing a little bit. And it is on the green, it's just right of your target. Which, again, is good because you had the room.

Right, I gave myself room on the right side and room on the left, and tried to draw it in there.