Patton Kizzire - Balance Drill

Patton Kizzire and Randy Myers go through a drill that enhances the balance in the golf swing. These exercises teaches you proprioception, the brain-body connection.

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So whatever you do, make sure you do it the same every day.

Same every day.

So if it's three things-- I get that all the time. What are the three best strategies? You hear it all the time. Give me three tips. People have a three tip window.

If I was going to start a plan, I'd start with posture, then check your rotation because you're going to turn all day, and then get into some balance. Now, I'm going to show one additional balance stroke because he does it so well. We spent a lot of time, whether it's on a BOSU ball--

I've seen him do [INTERPOSING VOICES].

We demonstrated--

--standing on the ball.

Yes, so what we try to do is load the hip.

Like a seal.

Well, and get what's called proprioception, or understanding neuro-muscularly between your brain and your body. What's it doing today? How do I feel today? Am I able to do this normally five times, and today I couldn't do it once? Then I need to go ahead and go back and start over again, right?

Where balance is the number one thing across the board these guys do well, most of the people you play with in pro-ams cannot hold their balance. They never get to their through swing and finish.