Ryan Palmer: Swing - Hip Action

Getting his hips aligned is a key component to Ryan Palmer’s swing. Watch a drill he uses not only on the range but during tournament play.

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What's going on with the hips? Like you've got the big turn. Are they just free ride? There's no sliding going back, is there?

So for me, you know, the one thing I probably do that Randy gets on to me about is I get probably on my right side a little more than I need to. So I get kind of tilted that way. I put more weight on my right hip, so my right hip's higher than my left.

Don't want that.

When I get in the right position, you know he'll come over behind me and he'll make sure. You'll see in a lot of my swings, I'll do a little adjustment before I hit the golf ball. And maybe I'll raise my left hip a little bit or I'll bring my left shoulder more squared to the target.

Just trying to stay in the box.

So when I go through a shot, a lot of times you'll see a few little movements to get in that position and I'm going to show you a little drill I do. So now I kind of get to the left, get my left arm to square my shoulders--


Why's it going there?

Like everything happens for you like just before the ball.

Yeah. So on drill that we do--


That I learned, from a player actually--

We love to have a drill that--

Is I'll get, to get my hips level and not, you know--


Tilted to one side or the other, is I'll do a little-- in my-- when I'm over the ball. And I even do it in tournament play when I'm really working on it. I'll get in there. So now I'm in my shot.


I've got my stance ready, ball position ready, and I'll do a quick check. I'll come up--

Just to see if you're level.

And when I come down, it never moves.

I see.


So you're real conscious of that level--

One thing I'm very--

Level belt.

Is making sure the weight's distributed even, honestly, but I'm on my right side.

I got you.

My right hip's not higher than my left. So to get my hips level, if I just kind of stand up like this, real straight, and just bend at the hips--

I see.

My hips stay right there.

Stay right there.

And I'm able to kind of go into the shot.