Ryan Palmer: Swing Starting Point

Every golfer’s swing is different. See what Ryan Palmer does to get his swing started.

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Setup Ryan Palmer Swing Trigger


Do you have a trigger that, you know, we've talked about the routine, we've talked about how you get into the ball, but you know, how do you pull it back? I mean is there something-- you know, I use a right knee push that takes me back. What do you have?

I'll have a five iron.


You know, a trigger--

A trigger or a--

Everybody's got their routine.


No, their starting point. So for me, I've gone through routine. I'm walking into the shot, and I've got my line, got my spot. You know, I do my one waggle, look. When I go down, I kind of get my hip right. I think I kind of sit down--


A little bit maybe.

When you say sit down, you just--

And I'm kind of here.

sort of sit into your bottom, and do you seat?

I've done the waggle. I've looked. Go down and sit down.


Maybe a little in your legs. I don't call a flinch but maybe a little--

No, just a sit down.

Yeah. I mean there's got to be-- maybe a lot of my trigger is just kind of when I get the-- got me thinking about it now. Got my waggle. Got my look.


So probably a little, kind of like a little flex in the right knee.


I think we can look at that.

No. No. I think that's right. I think people are starting to learn on our Player channel more.

The true players don't like to think too much once they know what their technique is.


It's so locked in. That was a good one. It's so locked in.