Ryan Palmer: Bunker Play - A Lesson From Elk

Steve Elkington gives Ryan Palmer a lesson on playing from the bunker to the green, showing him why the action in the right arm is so important.

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My showcase of my bunker game turned into a lesson with [INAUDIBLE], which is nice. So you know it's been probably my weakest point in my golf game. So he showed me a few fundamentals and something I'm going to go work on immediately.

I want to be aggressive in the bunker because you don't want to be slow if you can help it.


I think the most important thing that I've shown a lot of people is how to use this right arm. A lot of people get in here and don't know if they should throw, they should lag, or whatever. But really this right arm all it does is uncock this way. And it actually does it right after the ball. And then this left wrist uncocks this way. So if you put those two together, we've got that action.

So I feel like there's almost not even a downstroke. I--


--use that action.

So go ahead and hold the club. Come on around. Now come on up. Go on up to the top. Yeah and come on down to the ball.

I feel like I drive my right arm past the ball where you can see the ball.


Then my right arm unfolds. And then my left wrist uncocks.


Uncocks that way.


Just do this one for me. Drop your arm out. Right at. Yeah. Right arm this way. Just straightens. Yep. Exactly. So it would come to there and it would just straighten.


Straighten. Straighten. Yep. Hit one like that where you just hold on to it as long as you want to and just let it unload.


That's different for you.


Nice. Be aggressive, though. Right.


Feel that.

I'm excited to take that to the golf course and what he showed me. You know, if I'm up there in the bunker stats, I'll have him thank.