Ryan Palmer: Full Swing: From College to Professional

Even the pros tweak their swing to constantly improve. Learn how Ryan Palmer’s swing has changed since his college days.


The big snap hook. So the one thing I've been working in the last seven years with Randy, when we started working in '08, is getting to my left side, taking less sway out of my swing.

You almost are sort of throwback swing, like me, in a way, that I learned from watching Weiskopf, and Nicholas, and so on. We all used our knees a lot more than they do in today's game. Is that true?

I can see more of a power game as more of a--


Popping, you know, like Tiger.


Turning and snapping that left knee back. Throwing the hips through. That's why I'm much more of a field player, because I'm bale to use my body a little bit, my arms a little different in.

Most of the guys that have the great legs have better rhythms, I think.

I would think so, yeah.

Payne Stewart, you know, Weiskopf, myself a smooth swinger, you're a smooth swinger. It's more of that leg.

I think so. You Used I mean--

You can go slower.

Yeah, you can. I mean, there's certain shots where I want to hit a high soft eight iron on a shot. Well, it's hard to hit those shots when you've got so much speed going through. A lot of guys today want speed.

Yeah. Full.

I mean, it's just full, go, here we go. But to me, I'm able to hit different shots, and I can feel my way around a golf course. And to me, it's my game. I mean, your game is going to be different, his game is different. That's just how I play the game, and it's best for what I do.