Ryan Palmer: Swing - Advice

Ryan Palmer is a firm believer that the fundamentals of your swing should never change. Listen to the advice he gives on swing, especially to college players turning pro.

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Ryan Palmer Managing Your Game


One of the things that I think is so interesting about Secret Golf is we have all these great players on our channels and they're all so different, but your technique is winning, you know.

That's the one thing I've tried to tell young guys, young guys parents. So many kids today come out and change everything they do. They had success in high school, success in college. Turn pro, now I got to do it his way. I got to do it the way he does it. It's the worst thing anybody's ever done I think.


They come out, now I've got to swing like Jason Day. I've got to swing like Dustin. I got to swing like Jordan. You know, that's the worst thing you can do.

Jordan Spieth would probably be the last guy I've seen come out where he like literally didn't change anything.


And he's done the best, the quickest.

Well, that comes with his mental state, I think. That's the key to him is how tough he is, his mental game.

He's a tough guy. And he's won at everything he's got.

How many of these guys come out and change how to approach it. What they do, how they practice, the equipment they use, and how they play the game. It's just too much going on to change what brought you there. I've always said, play with what brung you.

Yeah. I've always said that if you're good enough to get on tour, then you're probably good enough to win money on tour.

That's a good point. Yeah.

I don't think you've really changed. You've kept your back swing essentially the same. You've changed your [INAUDIBLE] is all you've done. And you've changed that through the changing of your body position.

You think so? I've gotten more stable, is the way I think. I haven't changed, you know, how I use my legs.

Just a little less of it.

I think that-- now that's a good way to look at it. For sure, yeah.