Ryan Palmer - High Pitch Shot

Tempo is always key to Ryan Palmer’s pitch shots. Learn how he plays a high pitch shot.


How do you know how far back to go? So let me ask you this question. Might be a better question. Is it a distance or is it a tempo?

To me, it's more of a tempo.

Because you could go long and slow.


To hit this shot, I can take a big old back swing and I'll hit it higher 70 yards or I could take a shorter back swing, put a little more speed through impact, and still hit it 71 yards.

Can you get one for me to that 71 and talk us through. I want you to-- you've got you've got a bunker and that pins cut front, and I know this is not the easiest shot because it-- but throw me one up and just talk us through what you would do, feel wise. Like I'm going to take it to about here.

So let's say that the greens firm. Obviously, you don't want to throw a load-- a dark shot into a firm green. So we got to cover a bunker, probably going to land at 70 to 75 yards. So to hit a high, pretty much same grip, I may open the club up just a hair at a little more loft.

So now I'm going to take probably a big bigger swing to get the distance I need. Kind of go up with it and try to hit it a little softer. So pretty much the same stance. Probably a little more weight on my right side on this one. It will be a bigger swing, but I can feel what I want through impact.

When you say feel, you sort of like--

I just feel what wing it needs.


You know, I kind of feel how far back I want to take it.

And is it true, Ron, that the finish would be probably higher.

The finish is going be higher because--

Because you're going up.

I'm going to go up so I'm really going to try to carry the loft through the impact. Because I don't want to shut the club down. I don't want to hit a lower shot, so I'm trying to hit it high. So now I got to really carry the loft through impact, but I'm going to try to finish high as well. So let's see if we can pull something about 72 yards.


That was perfect.

Yeah, that was perfect.

A little bit far, but.

It's almost like, we don't want to say it, we want to have people to understand what we're trying to do here, but you didn't really have a set deal back there, but you sort of had a set idea that it was going to be sort of there.

Yeah. I've got an idea in my mind of what I've worked on. This is where practices come. So now I've got this shot. I know I've hit this shot a lot in practice and I've got an idea of how it feels. So now I know it's going to be a bigger back swing than normal, I think, but I'm also going to really put a little more speed through impact to get the ball up. But with the club, using the loft as your friend and kind of open up a little bit, I'm able to really feel the shot more for me.