Ryan Palmer: High vs. Low Pitch Shot

Watch how Ryan Palmer plays both a high and low pitch shot and the differences in the position of the club face.


So you'll notice in the high shot we're finishing real high because I'm carrying the loft, trying to hit the ball in the air. Now you'll notice we're trying to fight the ball. So we can have a little more speed through impact I think on this shot. But we're going to have a low finish.

Yeah, freeze right there. So you'll notice right here, this look, this clubface here's over there a little bit, which keeps everything down a little too, right?

Yeah, you need tell the club is-- I've really released the club through impact, almost turned it over to generate the less loft, more right to left spin, probably a little more of a draw shot. As opposed on the high shot, you notice the club's probably more up there.

Let's hit a high one. We'll freeze that clubface up there, and we'll take a look as it's two different ones. Because that'll be a good--

So here's the high 70-yard shot, little bigger backswing.

So we got a whole different look. So here's the here's the high clubface, and here's the low is the low clubface over here.

So here's my high 70-yard shot, and here's my low drawing. That last one was good too.

That was good, yeah.