Ryan Palmer: Reading and Aiming a Putt

Ryan Palmer doesn’t second guess his putting routine. Find out what he does when preparing to sink the ball.

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So you'll notice in my routine and putting, it's same or similar. I cannot look over the center of the ball It's amazing how some guys that get over the ball, and they just look. And they look four or five times. Some of the best players do that. For me, it's almost like too much stuff could creep in my mind. Or at times, your back could stiffen up. The next thing you know, you can't put the kind of stroke you want.

So I've got my read. I do the same thing putting. I pick a spot out in front of ball where I want the ball to travel and wherever break we're taking. And I take one practice stroke, looking at the line, trying to feel the speed that I want. And again, going with my right hand, look and then--

That was nice.

So I had that one look, and that's the confidence I have in that one look. And if I keep looking, then I'm going to find, well, maybe it won't break this much, maybe this is not the right speed. That's where I'm probably getting too many things in my head.