Ryan Palmer: Posture

Being 5’11” Ryan Palmer has a lot of height to work with. Learn how to maintains good posture throughout his golf swing with a drill his coach taught him.

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Setup Posture Joint Alignments Drills Ryan Palmer


A lot of great players-- and I think you're going to find-- we're going to find this, too-- I think, I've always thought that the shoulder, the elbow, and the knees are almost in a line. And you pretty much got that in there. I mean that's the thing that I see on so many great players. Is there anything else you do with your back or is that hip deal gets you in there?

Yeah, a lot of that-- you know, what's funny is a lot of that motion and getting my hips square and tilted the right way, it actually gets my back in the right position from a posture standpoint. I don't get-- I'm not hunched over.

Show me the--

I'm not lazy.

Show me the correct--

I'll go into it. Like I say, I'll do it in turnarounds, too, when I'm working on-- so I'm in my shot, got to bring it up a little bit, get my hips right. I just bend at the hips. It has actually got me in a good posture, my back--

Your back--

There's no slouched over-- My shoulders are kind of back.

Yeah. Yeah.

And this is where I can generate the power of my golf swing as Billings and Gomo, I guess you could say. There's no slouching this way. There's no hump in my back.


I'm in pretty good posture. My hips are square. There's no tilt. My right hip's not higher than my left. And now it is just executing a golf shot on how I do it best.

So much power. So much power.

So that gets me in my posture and the position of my golf shot, that address.