Ryan Palmer: Swing - Set Up

Is he a ‘waggler’? Ryan Palmer goes through his routine when setting up for a shot, the same routine he uses every single time.

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Setup Alignment Ryan Palmer


Right out of the gate there I see, and we all notice. Everyone on tour that we talk to, they have their own-- there's a good one. They have their own unique way of getting into the ball. How do you get into the ball? Like, what's your little deal right there? Are you a waggler? Are you a lifter?

When I'm walking in the shot going through my pre-shot routine, I've got the target out where I want the ball to see. And I've got a little spot three or four feet in front of me.

So you do the spot deal?

I do a little spot about three or four feet in front of me, where I want the ball flight, the ball flight. That's where I want the ball to start out.

So you pick something in there.

I'll pick a little leaf, a piece of divot, a tee, or a divot, I mean anything. So I've got a spot right out in this area. That's kind of where I want the ball to start.


And I'll go in with one hand. Got the target. And I'll get my feet. I got a little waggle. And then one look, and I'm ready to go. I'm not one to stand over the ball.

I've always wondered how so many guys stand over the ball, and they look two or three times. And I would get, I'd be gone. So I'm always kind of a let's go when I get over the ball.

So James and I have already picked out the shot.

So I'd be James.

You'd be James. So you've got--

OK, you got 71. We got a little-- it's dead calm. So we're going to play the exact yardage.


So we'd-- 71 yards, we've probably got 80 behind it. Probably about 65 to carry.

Give you the club. You've got a club.

We've got the club. So I'm going to go through my little-- I got a little two swing routine, just kind of visualizing what I want to do with the ball. And then I got my spot in front of the ball that I'm looking at. I've got my spot. Get my setup. One little waggle. One last look. That's usually my routine. Now it probably gets a little slower in different situations.

Yeah, sure.

You get in the intense moments.

But not much different in there. Maybe a little different here, not much.

Once I get over the ball, it's the same every time.


If I look up again, I'll back off.

Back off.

Or if I hear something, or something is not feeling right.


But as far as when I walk in, it's pretty much the same every time.