Ryan Palmer: 5 Wood Stinger

Where some would use a 3 Wood, Ryan Palmer likes to do something a bit different. Find out how he plays one of his signature shots.


Here's a shot that I hit a lot, that a lot of guys probably don't try or if they can, I don't know. But the way I hit it, the leg drive, the load, the deloft, I can generate. Well now I'll get on tee shots. I've got to hit 270-275 down the middle. Take the bunkers out of play, hazards out of play. I'm using number five for the shot. This is my stinger five wood.

Stinger five wood.

A lot of guys hit it with three woods.


But I'm able to take a five wood and do it about 260-270 and I still have the ball quite a bit up a little bit, choked down on a club just a hair, but now I'm really going to drive my legs.


Good god. That was only five feet off the ground.

But I can hit that knowing it's going to roll and get out there about 270. That was a little lower than I expected.

That was pretty good, though.

That's pretty good.

Being a field player, I'm able to hit different shots, different clubs, different yardages, heights, low-high. I'm not just one dimensional.

I'm probably even further out, but because I am able to clear the way I clear now--


--and get to my left, I'm clearing a lot later.


So now I'm really getting out in front of the ball a lot more, delofting the clubs so much more and then--

And then pop up.

--Square target.

It takes off so low.

Yeah. Sometimes it will generate a divot, as well.


But I'm able to take up the right side of these trees. So I'll come down a little bit, but I'm going to really drive this one.



That's got to be handy.