Ryan Palmer: Course Strategy - Dogleg Right Tee Shot

Ryan Palmer plays one of the hardest par 4s on tour and goes through his strategy to make par.

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I would put this tee degree in this hole. It's probably the hardest par 4s we play on all year on tour.

That's the Trinity River.

And you've got no room off the tee. You've got the Trinity River. Trees are growing in. You can see the trees on the right. The ball goes right rough on the left side. You've about 200, probably 240-250 where it runs out. So that you will you really got to play a nice fade, butt or cut off this tee shot and keep it left of the Trinity River to have a nice chance of making par. I mean you're-- You can make a five and make shots in the field on this hole sometimes.

You showed us a cute stinger shot.

I'll give you my-- I'm going to show you how I play this hole. You know for me it's keeping it in front of me. So there's a V out there I'm looking at.

I see it.

The two trees with a V. So I'm going to hit my five wood, hit that little low stinger and draw right up the walkway. You can see that. And I know if I keep it on the V or just right, I'll be in the middle fairway about 200 yards out.

And you won't be down in the dips.

I won't be in any dip. So I know I'm going to be hitting four, five or six into this green.

But you don't care.

Everyday. But I don't care. My job, my goal, hit the fairway, hit my five iron middle of the green, two putt and move on.

Ah, my gosh.

And that should be perfect. It runs through a vine, but I know I've got a clear shot to the green and I've really hit me up six, seven, maybe five iron and will two putt and get on.