Ryan Palmer: Course Strategy: Approach Shot

After playing a great tee shot, Ryan Palmer shows how he would play an approach shot to the green and explains where he aims to ensure he makes par on a tricky hole.

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A lot of times on the PGA tour, we talk about where if you hit a good drive, for example, like you did on three. The three is kind of over. The hole is kind of over. You've hit a pretty good drive here, but you've still got to hit another really good shot to make it.

Yeah. That's the key to this hole. The tee shot's hard enough as it is. But once you get to where you want to be, now you've got a tree overhanging the right side of the green, the right bunker, the front left deep bunker. When I say this tree on the right, it overhangs pretty much a third of the green on the right side. So if you're coming in from the right, it better be coming in with some air underneath.


So now we get 195 to the hole, to the front pin. I did exactly what I wanted to do. I hit a great tee shot, my stinger five wood. Now I'm going to hit, probably with this wind, I'm going to hit the little five iron.

Five iron.

Just got to think, I've got a little bit more wind into me.

Would the miss be like when I was playing tour? The miss for me, if you could do it, was to get up in the green.

Yeah. So this particular pin front left, I want to be either short right, maybe in the bunker right and not past the pin, because again we're trying to two putt and move on from this hole. We've already made two pars. Let's keep the momentum going and see so we can't make par here and move on to the scoring holes.

Yeah. There are some other easier holes coming up.

Yep. So we're going to hit to go to shot for me. I'm going to take it right inside the left pin, inside the pin on the left side, and let it kind of try to just fall a little right.


Ah. You'd be so happy with that.

And that should up about 25 feet right out of the hole, 15 feet. Perfect.

Aah. Well played.

Now I've got to make a birdie putt on the hardest par four on the golf course.