Stacy Lewis: World of Bunkers

Stacy Lewis discusses her perspective on bunker play.

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Stacy Lewis Philosophy


[MUSIC PLAYING] Stacy, we have found ourselves in a big, bright sand bunker.



Is this a stress, sometimes, for the lady players?

It can be, yes. I think it can be for everybody. I mean, it's probably the most unpredictable surface we play out of. So it can be a challenge, but once you get it down, I think, sometimes you miss in a bunker, it's better than being in the long rough.

I agree.

If you can learn it, so.

Is that something that our members-- can learn this shot pretty easy?

For sure, I think so. Definitely takes some practice, which you've got to spend some time doing, but I think it's a part of my game I'm always working on. I think you can always get better out of the bunker, because you always have different types of lies.

Do you have a go to action idea in here?

Yeah, so this is the way I teach everybody when they ask me how to get out of a bunker. I say, you have your ball, and then if you draw a little circle around it, our goal is to get all that sand in that circle out.


Not even thinking about the ball and to get it out. And a lot of times if I'm teaching women, I'll even tell them, let's take the ball out of there and just have them practice hitting the sand and hitting that circle. And they realize, oh, I'm hitting the sand here, I'm hitting it up here.

A certain aim, they've got to upgrade their aiming.

Exactly. You've got to figure out where the bottom of that club needs to bottom out. And so it's kind of that instant feedback. You let them do that a few times, and now all of a sudden, you throw a ball in there, and they get the ball right out without even thinking about it. So I'll put the ball back in and hit one.

Do you play this similar to your other short game shots where you have a little rake in it?

Yeah, it depends. If you've got one like this, where we need to get it up quick, there's going to be some hinge in there. A longer bunker shot is going to be a little bit different. But here we're going to have some hinge in it. And, again, it's hinging it through the thumb, through the right thumb.

Right up the thumb.

Mhmm. So forward part of the stance a little bit open with the stance, as well. Pop it out of there. So then you look at.

It's an inch.

Pretty similar to your lob shot you were playing on the other short game?

Right. Almost the same motion. Little bit different set up is what we're going for, but the same motion of hinging it through this right thumb.

And then into the shoulders.

Mhmm. And then from there, it's just a turn, and get all that sand out of that circle.

Get all that sand out.

Forward in the stance.

Get the ball out of there.

Well, you missed the first one.

And almost made that one.

That one you hit the pin. So you've hit one to six inches, and the other one just hit the pin. I guess you're going to have to make this one for us.

All right.


Stacy, you made that look well too easy for the ladies. Great job.

Thank you.