Stacy Lewis: Importance Of Chipping

Stacy Lewis talks about the importance of chipping.


[MUSIC PLAYING] I think chipping is one of the most important parts of the game, even though it's not really used that often. Because it's one of those things that keeps a round going-- keeps a great round going. Or it can save a round and make it still pretty good. I mean, chipping one in kind of changes your mood. It changes-- your shoulders kind of pop back and you get going a little bit. And so it's something I'm always working on. I'm always practicing, always learning new shots. What happens if I put the toe down, or what happens if I put it way back in my stance? And different types of grass, you can hit different types of shots. And so it's just one of the things you can always learn. And I'm always asking my swing coach questions. What do you do out of this grass? So what do you do out of this lie? And it's just kind of nonstop learning, chipping.