Stacy Lewis: Pitching Game

Stacy Lewis discusses how she tries to figure out ways to improve her pitching game.


[MUSIC PLAYING] Pitching is something, like chipping, that I'm always working on. It's probably the one part of my game that I think I could probably get better at. It's something that I probably don't always take advantage of par fives as I should. Just because of the pitching.

And so, usually wearing out the back of that range here at Blue Jack. And you know, just trying to figure out ways to learn new shots. Because they're hard.

It's hard to get yourself to trust the 50 yarder or 60 yarder. You know, it's almost easier sometimes to hit that full eight iron. So there are shots that I'm always working on. And a lot of it- it's just all contact and keeping it consistent through impact.