Stacy Lewis: Growing the Game and Me

Stacy Lewis discusses growing the game of golf

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Stacy Lewis


[MUSIC PLAYING] My channel in Secret Golf is a huge opportunity for me. Just with our tour, and being female, you know, we don't get the coverage that the guys get. We are not-- you know, we don't have cameras on us at all times. We have maybe an hour or two of coverage a day, and that's it. And I don't feel like the fans get to really know us for who we are. So we're kind of on our own to get our own message out there.

And so this is a huge opportunity for me to share what I do, to share what I work on. You know, hopefully, kids can see this, kids and college players, that maybe can help them kind of grow their games, and learn the game. I especially didn't have that growing up. We didn't have the accessibility like this. So I mean, hopefully, we can help people with their games and help them get better, and learn about me a little bit more in the process, too.