Stacy Lewis - History

Stacy Lewis shares how the journey started for her in golf.

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Stacy Lewis


[MUSIC PLAYING] I am here with Stacy Lewis my friend at the famous Bluejack Golf Club. Can you imagine how good this is? Look at this turf out here.

It's perfect. There's nothing better. Stacey, there's nobody has ever had a opportunity to go back and film lady golfers. I've done a lot of filming of the tour players. Today I'm the most excited because I'm going to get to film and hear about why you're great. So a lot of people don't realize that Stacey Lewis grew up right here in Houston, Texas. Went to high school right here in The Woodlands. And Stacey, tell us a little bit about you weren't-- you had scoliosis when you were a young girl. A lot of people know that. Tell us about growing up and your golf. You weren't awesome right out of the gate, is that true?

No, I mean I more did golf because I enjoyed it. And I could play with my dad. And honestly, the scoliosis was probably the main reason, because I had to wear a back brace for 18 hours a day. So I get six hours a day that I didn't have to wear it. And you know, in my head, golf takes at least four hours. So that was time I couldn't have to wear my brace. And I enjoy doing it. It was something different than what my sisters were doing. And that's kind of how golf came in the picture. But I was never the best. I mean my first high school tournament I shot 90. Wasn't ever the best player on my high school team. Didn't have full rides to anywhere I wanted to go. It was--

So you went to the University of Arkansas because as I see it on your trusted--

I take it wherever I go.

Your trusty putting cover.


So you are a two time major champion winner. And you are one of the best women players in the world. And you weren't even recruited much to go to college?

No, I mean I went on a visit to Arkansas, Kansas State and Louisville. A&M was actually the only school in Texas that gave me some sort of an offer. And I didn't want to go to College Station. So I started looking elsewhere. And just fell in love with Arkansas. I just, I loved the school. I love the place. And it felt like they gave me a huge opportunity. And so that's why I continue to carry all that around with me.

So for those that don't know what scoliosis is, why don't you tell us. We have a girl in our family. One of our cousins that has scoliosis. Tell us what scoliosis is.

It's basically a curvature of the spine.

And too much right?

Too much curve. Some can be an s-curve, like mine was, or it can be straight, and then it curves out. There's different types. They know it's genetic, but they don't know what the cause is of it. Nobody else in my family has it. My mom just found it. She saw my one hip being higher than the other. Because I swam a lot. So she saw it there and kind of became something that once it gets to a point, you try to manage it. You try to keep it at a lower curve. And then, you know, that's why I wore the brace as long as I did. You wear it until you stop growing. And I didn't stop growing until I was almost 18. So you wear the brace to hopefully not have to have surgery. And then I still had to have surgery at the end of it all.

When you went to play golf for those six hours, did it hurt?

No it actually felt great. Golf actually helped because it kept me turning, kept me loose. I did kind of struggle with posture, because of the way it had me bending. I was constantly back this way. And so the golf club was really flat when I was a kid.

So way back down here somewhere?

Yeah I mean the golf clubs was super flat, coming from inside, which hit a big hook.

You hit the big draw.

I needed a little bit of, I needed some distance. But--

So you weren't that big a girl?

No. No. I mean--

You're still not that big.

I'm still not that big. But I got two inches taller after surgery.

So they straightened you out?

Yeah, that's how much I was straightened out.

So once you had your surgery, they did a rod?

A rod and five screws.

Right in the middle.

Kind of right in the middle of my back.

Torqued it and kept it. It doesn't, it won't bend anymore. It just stays right there?

They actually used one of my ribs to fuse the vertebrae. So it's hard bone there. It's not going anywhere. If something breaks, there's a problem.

So tell us about what you did when you came back from surgery. That was a big turning point for you, was it?

It was The hardest part, which I still struggle with, is alignment. Because for so long my muscles were learning to be one way. And so I still struggle with alignment because of that. But the big thing was is that the golf swing got more upright. Hands got higher. And I came back from surgery hitting a fade. I never hit a fade before in my life.

Really? You had surgery and you came back and started hitting the ball different?


Just because it made you go more upright?

Yeah, just the position of-- you know what, I'm able to turn. But now I'm not preset this way. I was preset this way prior to surgery. So there's nowhere to go except for that.