Stacy Lewis: Keeping It Simple (Part 2)

Stacy Lewis discusses how she keeps her game simple.

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Stacy Lewis


[MUSIC PLAYING] I guess probably just with my golf swing, how simple I like to keep things. I know a lot of people have positions they want the club to be in, and they need the club to be a certain place. But I think you can play golf from the club being in a lot of different positions, and just how-- I'm very feel oriented.

I don't know. I see shots. You know? I guess that's what I want people to see, is that I'm not a robot. I don't try to do it the exact same every time.

If anything, it's a little bit different every time, and that's how I want it to be. I want every shot to be a little bit different, and just how I hit shots. I hit draws. I hit fades because there's just not-- that part of the game is a little bit lost now.