Stacy Lewis: World of Putting

Stacy Lewis discusses how streaky her putting can be and works on consistency.

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Putting Stacy Lewis Philosophy


[MUSIC PLAYING] Putting is probably-- probably one of my stronger suits, but it's also one of the most frustrating things I think we do. It's crazy how a 250 yard drive counts same as a three foot putt. And it can be pretty frustrating at times, but it's one-- it's the area that really improved for me, that got me to number one in the world and to winning all those majors was my putting.

It was-- my speed got a lot better, and just started making those key putts. And it's something that it doesn't only just changes around, it changes the tournament. And all the sudden, now you start making putts and it's like who knows what-- I can go crazy low today.

And it's very streaky for me. I kind of putt a momentum a little bit. So we're always working on putting to try to get away from that, to get it a little bit more consistent.