Stacy Lewis: Strategy - 12th Hole at Bluejack National

Stacy Lewis shares her strategy on #12, par 3 over water at Bluejack National

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Shot Selection Stacy Lewis Managing Your Game


[MUSIC PLAYING] Stacy, the 12th hole of Bluejack is one of the prettiest holes ever.

Well, kind of scary but pretty.

Is this a little stressful? I know it is for me.

Yeah, I think what makes this hole the hardest is the way the water is shaped-- that if you try to bail out right at all--

You've got to go further.

--you got to hit it further. But if you go left at all, you're left with a really hard bunker shot. So it's kind of a scary hole, and it's one of those you just have to step up and hit a good shot.

We have 158 yards. It's a little bit down hill.

Downhill five yards to 153 and then we got some helping wind. So I think too, whenever you have a downhill shot and it's downwind, it tends to play even shorter just because the ball's in the air for so much longer. So for this green, we have to be left of this flag. That is, anything right of this flag-- you're dead. So we're going to pick a good target here left of the flag. And then if it fades in there, great. And if it's a straight shot, then we have 20 feet.

Will you try to fade this a little bit? Or just send it down there without much drama?

Yeah, I'll try to hit a little fade that rides the wind.

You're try to use that slope on the green too.

Yeah, because I don't want to hit a shot that-- if I try to hit a shot that misses left, it's going to go too far into that bunker. So I'm playing to hit the right shot.

So you think very much like me or I think like you. At some point, you have to hit a shot. In this case, you said it perfectly. If you pull it, that's no good anyway. Right's obviously no good, so you've got to hit a shot.

You just got to step up and hit it.

Take great aim and make one of your best swings of the day, right?

Right, there's no place to bail on this hole. All right, we're going just left the tree.

You've hit it left of the flag 20 feet. Here it comes.

That's going to come down the hill.

That's going to come down next to the flag.

It works out. That's perfect. It's right where you want to be.

If you hit another one, would you play it a little riskier? What'd you pull that? Five feet?

Yeah, it ended up actually where I was trying to aim. So I pulled it a little bit in the air.

That's the miss, though.

Yeah, exactly. And the shot carried truthfully a little bit farther than I thought it would, so now I know, going back, I can go at it more. But I'd take that shot any day.

And isn't it true that when you play in a group with the other players, you can catch all that from the person that just played in front of you sometimes.

For sure, yeah. Sometimes it's good to watch, and sometimes if you see them make a bad swing, I just turn around and don't watch. Because I don't want to see what it does.

But if you knew they had an 8 and they pulled it a little bit and it did that, it helps.

It does. You pay attention to what the other girls hit. You watch their ball fights, watch what they do. But again, the bad ones I don't watch.

No. No, I'm with you there.

All right, we'll see if we can hit one in there.

We're going to play a tighter, play it right at the ball now.

Oh, you've taken this one right at it.

This one's right at it.

Ooh. Now, the crazy thing about that Stacy, is I see up there the first one you played it exactly where you had to. That one you played right at it. And look up there-- the balls are only two feet apart with a lot more risk. And a well-designed hole-- because if you do aim to the left, it brings it back in.

It brings it back in for you, yeah. And that's you know the golf course and knowing where you can miss it, and use the course to your advantage. I play the odds. I play what's going to give me the best opportunity. This is not a hole you step up and go to pin. So it's going to be my best look.