Steve Elkington - See The Eyes Twice

Steve Elkington demonstrates a simple way to hit a bunker shot using the bounce of the club.


OK, guys. I grabbed this out of Rene's bag, his Sam [INAUDIBLE] Wilson sand iron. And I'm going to put this mark on here, because I wanted to show you a lesson that's served me well for many years. I'm going to put two eyes on this sand iron right here. I learned this when I was a kid. I even put eyebrows.

So I want to see those eyes twice when I hit a bunker shot. Once, I want them looking back at me right here. So from your view, [? they're ?] right at me. OK?

So there's one. So I bend that left wrist. That keeps that club face really open. And the second one, I want to throw it so much that I can see it there back at me.

I like that one, because people don't really realize that you can cock your wrist that far and make that club so open, that if you put it back down on the ground it's almost back looking at you. And you're hitting the back of that club. You're never going to dig it ever. Then if you doubled down on that thought and keep it open more and still hitting the back of it all the time, so all of a sudden, you don't get fearful of the bunker.

He just has a natural way of explaining things to you that don't sound particularly complicated. And it's also very visual. I mean, drawing an eye on the club is a visual reminder. So all of a sudden, you're not worried about 30 different things.

I went real kid-like, kindergarten. Make the eyes look at you twice.


Ah, go in!

In-- yes.

And that is how you play the bunker.