Steve Elkington - The Twirl

Steve Elkington demonstrates the "twirl" which puts the clubshaft on plane in the downswing.


So the twirl-- if you take this club on plane right here, take the club on plane all the way up, all the way up. OK, now I'm up, right? Now if I come down on this plane right here, right here, straight down, straight down, it's coming in too steep--


So you have to have a quarter turn of the twirl here, which is the five degrees of the tilt.

So you've got to be a little more-- OK.

It's five degrees of spine tilt to the right, which is the twirl. That's manual. So this is this is automatic. That's automatic. This would be manual.

So are you thinking of any of that when it's happening?

Sure. So watch what happens right here. So if you've got the-- here's the plane right here, right? Now there's a plane. And when the twirl goes in--

OK, so it's a little into a different plane coming down, a little bit--

Goes into on plane.

On plane, OK.

Look at the difference here. How much further is that? Two feet?

Yeah, that's quite a bit.

That's more mash, more smash. Two feet, the club has to travel two feet farther, so you can hit it harder and farther.

What was this? I felt like I almost had to open the blade up completely wide open, when you were doing this with the twirl-- with your hand you were holding onto it. Yes, like that.

This would be square. That would be square. That would be closed. That would be open. Because there are three ways you can move it, right? Closed, square, or open.

So what am I doing? I'm doing this?

I don't know what you were doing. But I'm saying here's a five degrees, there's a five degrees twirl. That puts it right on plane.