Steve Elkington - Coil & Uncoil

Steve Elkington demonstrates how to coil and uncoil in the swing.


What I think of when I swing, now that you're playing golf with me-- someone of your buddies may say, Hey you play with Elkington, how does he do it, right? So here's what I do to get power. I use my legs to as stable, right? I want them to stay still. And I wind up the top. See these wrinkles right here? If I take everything, there are no wrinkles. But if I hold my legs and I coil-- see how that's coiled? Now if I move that first, see how it's tighter? That's where I get all the power from.

So it'll look like this. So let me stand on there. So the high hit, I drive my ball more. So I want that and bang, whereas you're a little bit of everything and everything. I'd like you to get that coil, like a rattlesnake, mate. Coil up. You know what I mean?


So I want you to feel like these quads are going to start wobbling, right? Look at me. I want them to stand there and stay still and then you can lead.

I needed to be more quiet from my waist down and coil my upper half around and hold that-- start my lower body and hold that top as long as I could, and then whip it through. I'd be a lot more consistent with a lot more power.

See the lower?

A lot lower.

A lot lower.