45 Degree Pitch

Steve Elkington explains how to take a 60 degree wedge and hit a 45 degree pitch shot, which is considered the perfect angle to spin the ball.


Here we are, 50 yards from the pin. This is where amateurs lose a lot of strokes. I'm going to pitch that ball, get just the right distance on it. Good, right?

All right, right there, are you thinking about hitting down on it or through it?

Well, that's a good question. This is a 60 degree club right here. I've also measured that the perfect degree of angle that gets the most spin is about 45 degrees of angle of launch off this. This is 60 degrees. So how do we get, how do we knock off the other 15 degrees?

OK, so first of all, a good player, Tour player will have-- this is 60 degrees. He put his hands forward, that knocks up about five degrees. Now I'm at 55. Right. The five degrees of downward blow, that gets it down to let's say 50. Where does the other five come from? The other five come from, they found that there's a thing in the golf swing, the golf mechanics called the gear effect. If you want a curved face, if you hit it on the edge, the ball curves back to make a draw.

They found that the lower you hit it on this club, the top of this club, the center of gravity tips over a little bit, and holds that down. And that's where all the magic happens on the pros. Five degrees is the perfect angle.


We know that you shouldn't be any more than five degrees of lean on your hands. And then I'm going to try to hit it on the bottom groove. I put those three [INAUDIBLE] together, for a pro, he hits that shot like--

Every time.

Every time, again. Every time.