Putting Clicks (Part 2)

Steve Elkington demonstrates "clicks" in putting (Part 2).

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Putting Setup Steve Elkington


What I want you to do is come over here. I want you to start working. I want you to work your click. That's how little your click is. So if you were covered on it. That's a click, that's how little it is.

See, I would move it [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, I would go there, I would say, too much.

One degree, two degree, three degree, four degree, five degree. You get yourself a protractor at home. What I did when I taught myself this, I would put my putter down, I would close my eyes, and I would say to myself, I'm going to move it two clicks. I go one, two-- I'd look to see if I had two. Then I'd go this way, too. I'd go one, two, three. I taught myself how to move my clicks.

So you're lining this up from 10 feet. You're lining it up straight. And then you're moving clicks to get it where you want it.

I already tell where your brain is going. If I get on a big slope, I don't start in the middle. I might start at the right edge and do a click. So let's go back, let's get you right into the believer. Let's get a slopey put. I'm straight, one, two, three. I almost move them all at once. Then I can hit away from myself. And I had three, two, one-- I had six clicks to work with. Three on the other side. You with me?

Let's see what straight-straight feels like. Give me the clicks-- you do them already? Hit away from yourself, just hit away. Good. Easy as pie, right?