Ball Up In Stance, Aim Right

Steve Elkington explains the need to aim right if the ball is up in your stance.

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What do you do when you play? Tell me what you think about your swing.

I try to turn my shoulders, because I have a bad habit of just using my arms. And I line up way right of the target and pull it back with my irons.

And that's the way you've always done it.

The last 34 years.

OK. So the two rules of thumb would be, if you are going to aim right, ball a little bit farther forward, because on the swing arc, if we have the ball back, that guarantees it's going to start to the right. Agreed?

I agree.

If the ball's forward, that pretty much means it's going to go to the left. So if you are aimed to the right, you'd better have the ball up a little bit. Does that makes sense?

It makes sense.