Corkscrew Fade

Steve Elkington explains how to hit the "Corkscrew Fade" by delaying the clubface rotation in the downswing.


See, you got that club face nice and stable up there. Looks good.

Thank you.

You'd rather play a fade, you're saying.

I'd much rather play a fade. I just had my irons being a lot flatter to [INAUDIBLE].

Go ahead and say it. The way I fade it-- you can fool around with it. But when I when I'm coming down, when I'm coming on the downswing, I just hold that open just a degree.

Try to hold it.

Yeah, so here's-- let me have that. So when I'm coming down. If that was square right there, I'll just delay it and just a fraction, just there. That's how I fade it. I just hold that club face just open there. I just twirl just a hair.

I hope I won't hit one over their heads.

Just a little bit. And that's what I do. Then I control how much I do, you know?


Feel it?

Yeah. You like that feel?

I like that. I like these clubs.

They're nice clubs. You didn't think you were going to pick up a set of wrenches in my bag that weren't going to look good, did you?


I'm old school. You know that.



See, I used to play with what I call a baby fade. It would go out there like it was going to turn over, and then--

Yeah. We call that the corkscrew. Goes out like a corkscrew, looks like it goes out and then falls the other way.


Yeah. But that's an easy shot for a good player like you to hit, is hold that face a hair. Just a fraction is all it is.

Just a fraction is all it is.

I can do that all day long when I get under pressure because I can hit it hard still, you know?

There it is.

That's pretty.