Jordan Spieth Chicken Wing Shot

Steve Elkington explains how Jordan Spieth prevents going left with his shots by chicken winging the left arm.


One of the shots that he plays is kind of a throwback shot. He's not afraid of playing the chicken wing.

Yeah. That's right. Yeah.

Spieth has got a lot of shots that are pretty much old school things, versus all the new-- everybody's doing all this fancy stuff with the arms and hands and turn and locking things up. Spieth has pretty much simplified it.

That's a real school shot, right, where you really use it, punch your right hand against you left and then hold it off. Well, that's kind of like double down, in gambling, to not go left.

So there it is, right? There's the chicken wing.

That's it.

And what that does is basically, Larry, for lack of a better term, it's a bit of insurance. He goes over here, and then he pulls that left elbow out more here. I exaggerate it, but you can--

Yeah. That's it.