Knock Down Shot

Steve Elkington demonstrates how to hit a knock down shot by setting up for it at address.


You hear this shot a lot, about knockdown shot. What is it? What's a knockdown shot? If I stood one inch closer to that ball, for me to hit that ball in the sweet spot, I would have to pull in on it a little bit. And my hands would have to be way further lean.

I measure off my regular. And I just creep in on it a little bit. So now I've got a shot with the same swing as my big swing. But I'm going to have more forward lean on the shot. If you have your real swing and you're a little bit closer, and you're going to have more lean, which is going to [INAUDIBLE] low, then you don't have any stress.

And that's really low, right, for a seven iron. It's not dangerous, because people-- you think, well, there's my regular. I move in a little bit. I just moved in a half ball there. I'd be there normally. Now, I'm here. So now, I'm going to sweet spot that.

See, you can just sort of play your normal swing, and it should just come out way lower. That's the key-- for me, I feel like that's the easiest way to do it.