Steve Elkington - Right Arm In Front

Steve Elkington demonstrates the need to keep the right arm in front at all times when chipping


The first thing I'm doing is getting my right arm in position right here. So I've always got this right arm there, in front of me. I've always thought if I got that arm there, I can chip pretty easily.

It always stays in front of you.

It's always there.

That's the biggest thing I see with amateurs is [INAUDIBLE] arm behind them. They want to go like they're pulling a lawnmower.

I copy guys like Hale Irwin. He's always putting his hands up like that, you know? So when you put your hands up and you put your hands in position this way, or whatever you're doing, the clubface is a little too far right. So I just walk around it until it's aimed where I want. Now it becomes-- I can drive this ball pretty easily up there.

Oh, one hot skipper to go two out through three.

That was all right, wasn't it?

Could've been almost a game changer.