Basics of Bunker Play

Elk, Sevam1, and Jackie Burke demonstrate the basics of Bunker Play


OK, Brittany, I've give you a couple easy bunker shots, but then I've given you a couple of harder ones, plugged, upslope.

Yes, you have.

But, you know what? This is why you get the big bucks.

Yeah, that's exactly right.

OK, so let's start out with something plain.


Not a hard shot, right?



Not a hard shot at all. So for a bunker shot, I do much the same I did with my flop shot. I have an open stance.


The ball's up. And for a short bunker shot, I have it wide open. And then for a little bit of a longer, I don't open it quite as much.

Not as much.



And kind of the same shot, you know, a little bit of a cut swing, cut across--

To the left a little?

To the left.


A little kind of up and out feel. This is exaggerated, but kind of like this.

And how do you sort of feel like you know you're going to hit it fat? Is it preset with the way you get in it? Is it too far forward for off the grass, for example?

What do you mean when I know I'm going to hit it fat?

Well, what I mean is?

When I hit it right?

Yeah. When you-- do you set up so you know that you're going to enter the sand at the right spot back there?

Yes, yes.

Explain to me how you sort of get the ball positioned so you know you're going to be in there behind it.

Well, you know, I get in here and I just try to get comfortable. I got an open stance. I got the ball here. And you know, I try to set the club kind of above the sand, just a few inches behind it--


--just kind of right there.

So you just aim right at the spot you need to do.


You don't really set up for it.

No. OK.

Yeah, just kind of set the club there. And then from there, just really feel that cut and see it going at the flag here.


So this one--

You realize and you hear this?

Oh, yeah.


Yeah, I do a lot of that kind of. Just right here, I got a little bit of a longer shot, so I'm just seeing it, seeing it really go at the hole there. And then just from here, I got that picture and I'm getting open, setting up with the face open here and the ball forward. And from here, I'm just seeing it go to the flag. I just--

That's a good shot. You'd be reasonable happy with that.

Yeah, I think I'd be very pleased with that.