Calder Chism


Calder Chism first met Steve Elkington in 2006 in Reno during the Reno-Tahoe Open. When they realized they both shared a love of cartooning, a beautiful partnership was born.

Calder and Elk have been collaborating on cartoons for the original Secret In The Dirt website since 2010, and the volume of cartoons they have produced since then has to be considered one of the pre-eminent collections in all of golf. Elk says of Calder: “I think Calder is one of the best caricature artists in the country.”

Elk Show Slate
Death Valley Postcard
Elk + Perez Confused
Calder + Gato Chest Bump
Elk Stretch
Year In Review
Elk In Cell
Lamb Lollipops
Elk On Horse In Boat
Elk & JB Putter Psychiatry