Episode 5 - Maderas

Secret Golf's Steve Elkington and Diane Knox visit Maderas Golf Club in San Diego, and get a special visit from Pat Perez, fresh off the victory at OHL Classic.

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NARRATOR: On this episode of "Secret Golf," we're California dreamin' in San Diego.

- Well, you don't really think of, uh, you know, public golf too much in San Diego. But this is a really good one. This is a-- a little public gem.

NARRATOR: After a seven-year lull, Secret Tour player Pat Perez rode to victory in Mexico before dropping in on Elk.

- I knew I was going to win, for one. But two, nothing got in my way, and I was gonna-- I was always on the hammer.

NARRATOR: We hang ten on top course.

- What's this? What's going on here?

- Hey, guys! Wanna play for some cash?

NARRATOR: And spend a day in the charming village of Poway.

DIANE KNOX: It's like a historic, little hidden, secret city.

NARRATOR: "Secret Golf" is rolling your way.


- Fore!


THEME SONG: It's Secret Golf. It's what I'm looking for. It's why I get up every morning, call my good time friends. It keeps me coming back for more. It's Secret Golf. We're headed down the road. We just love getting on the big show. Let's go looking for the heart and soul. We're goin' till the wheels fall off. It's Secret Golf. Shh. It's a secret.

- So you won the damn tournament.


We had this scheduled-- a hometown guy, San Diego. We've had this scheduled six months to be coming down here to shoot the show with us-- Secret Golf. And you go down, and you win the OHL.

- Yeah.

- What the heck's going on?

- I don't know. It's pretty amazing.

NARRATOR: Secret Tour player Pat Perez grabbed his second PGA tour title in November 2016, lifting the coveted hardware at the OHL Classic in Mexico. For Perez, this one was especially sweet.

PAT PEREZ: It feels a little more, um, gratifying, I guess. From having the surgery, and the comeback. And, you know, putting in all the work, and then seeing it pay off. I knew it was going to pay off. I-- I didn't think it'd be that fast.

- He didn't have any confidence at all. You know, so it's been a really quick turnaround for him.

NARRATOR: Pat's dad, Tony, never doubted his comeback kid.

TONY PEREZ: You know, I had my worries, but, you know, he's a comeback kind of guy, you know. And, uh, I-- you know, you don't have any doubt when they're your family. I knew just by looking at him at the tournament on TV. I knew he was-- I mean, he was so aggressive. And the eyes told it all.

- Yeah.

- While recovering from shoulder surgery, Pat uncovered a new arsenal for his equipment.

- The M2 driver and 3-wood. And then I got the Titleist ball. And I could just see it immediately off the club. I think, god, this is unbelievable.

If you can't hit the fairway, come up to here and make the putt, if you don't believe in anything you've got in your bag, contracts don't even matter, because you're not going to have a job for very long.

I wanted to try another iron. And I tried the PXGs. And I took them to Vegas. And we went, and I had a quick break. I thought, god, those shoes are unbelievable. I feel fantastic. They fly right with the ball. I'm putting them in. We're going for it.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Pat has finally realized that his swing is what it is. And I think he's finally come to terms with a few things. He's getting a little older, so, you know, there's no time like right now to play well, for him.

Why'd you do that?


Hey, it's right by the flag!

STEVE ELKINGTON: People might look at him and think he's some sort of a hippie millennial, but, uh, he really loves golf. He would play it every day. He loves it.

PAT PEREZ: If you would have told me when I was 24 that I would, you know, be able to play 20 years on the PGA tour, that would have been-- the first one who got kicked off the team at ASU, and everybody had kind of written me off that I was just going to be this mental case, and there was no way I could ever do it, and-- you know, I've had a lot of motivation over the years trying to prove people wrong, to be really successful for all the people that don't want me to be.

STEVE ELKINGTON: The sky's the limit for him now.

DIANE KNOX: Poway is not just a neighborhood in San Diego. In 1980, it was recognized as its own city. Now, actually, Poway means the meeting of the little valleys. And this is one of the perfect places to meet-- Old Poway Park.

Great for families. People come with their kids, their friends. Great for relaxing, chilling out. But really busy at weekends. And definitely maintains that old historic Western feel. Now, of course, another great thing about Poway is the golf.

NARRATOR: Nestled in the hills outside Poway, California, Maderas Golf Club is a true hidden gem in the San Diego area. Designed by World Golf Hall of Famer, Johnny Miller, Maderas offers beauty, and challenge, alike.

- When Johnny Miller designed the course, he really wanted the golf course to be part of the natural environment. So as opposed to bring in lots of bulldozers in, he really tried to create the holes around what was here, existing.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Yeah, you don't really think of public golf too much in San Diego. We play the-- the Torrey Pines, a very famous public course. But this is a really good one. This is a-- a little public gem.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: And when you go back here in the canyons, it's a nice contrast to-- to golf by the beach in San Diego. We get more of a kind of a desert feel here. A lot of elevation change. Yeah, it's just beautiful. Beautiful place to have a golf course.

DIANE KNOX: Maderas is magical. Incredible place. Gorgeous golf course. The thing that I like about it is the terrain. I like the hills, I like the deep valleys. And with Maderas, you get a bit of everything.

NARRATOR: Meaning the woods, Maderas received the Audubon International Certified Sanctuary Award in 2016, and hosts a variety of fauna and flora, including its signature 100-year-old California oak on the 18th fairway.

MICHAEL FLICKINGER: And, really, what that award says is that we're good stewards of the land-- that we teach others how to preserve the land, that we preserve the land ourselves. We consider it to be somewhat of a sanctuary. We take a very responsible position in protecting this for future generations.

We've known that we're secret golf for a long time.


- Hi, Diane!

- What on earth is this?

- This is a GolfBoard. I heard you need a lesson on one of these.

- You-- you expect me to be able to ride that the way you were doing back there?

- Yeah, absolutely. And even better.

- I've seen videos of the GolfBoard, because I thought I should probably prepare myself for what this was. I'd heard it was like a surfboard, golf cart combination. Like a surfboard and a golf cart had a baby. And I was going to be riding it.

- It's the same principles. You're going to use your body, you know, to-- to steer it, you know, left or to the right. And you can kind of see how I'm leaning into it. It's a lot easier when we're actually moving, but that's kind of the gist of it. And you've got a little throttle up here to gauge the speed.

And if you ever get nervous, or feel like you're going to go down, then you just jump right off of it.

- I climbed on and thought, ahh! Oh!


- See, you didn't fall.

- Oh, my god.

I have never skied, never snowboarded, never skateboarded, never done any of that. So I thought, well, I'll get on this and give it a go.


- You're doing it!

- OK. That's fine. Oh, my gosh.

It's different. It's really different, because when you're on it, it is all about balance. And you have to physically tilt the whole thing to turn.


- Go faster!

- I'm trying!


That's when we crash.


Yeah! Ooh!

So during my lesson, I had real problems with the turning aspect of things and almost crashed twice. But it was fine. Who's counting?

And I can take it out to the course. Wish me luck on those hills.

- Good luck. Hit 'em well.

- Woo-hoo!



So it's pretty clear you're hitting the ball good. You ready to go out and do a little smackdown out on this course?

- I'm ready.

- You ready?

- I'm ready. Let's go.

What's this?

- What's going on here?

- Hey, guys! Want to play in for some cash?

- We saw some easy money on the range, so we decided to-- go on-- go and approach it, you know.

- You guys ready to play a round?

- She-- she dropped the line of the century.


Yes, we are.

A mermaid comes out of the water and says, hey, you you want to play around? And the old joke was that she would unzip her thing, and pull out a set of golf clubs, right? That was the old joke. So it was a good line.

- Now, it's a bit of a special smackdown, because we have a special guest. Fresh off his win in Mexico, it's Pat Perez!

- Loc-- local boy.

- Local celebrity. Thank you for joining us.

- Great to be here.

- Right. So Steve, we have a team situation going on today, then. What's going to happen?

- If we make it in on those boards--


- If you make it in.

- If we get back to the clubhouse-- we're quite a way from the clubhouse.

- That's a win in itself.

- Yes, exactly. I've chosen the best board rider in the club today.


During regular golf, Hale and I will play these two characters.

- OK.

- Perfect.

- So we've got Pat and Corrie, who's the head pro here at Maderas.

- Absolutely. I'm looking forward to a little smackdown.

- Ooh. A bit of the smack talk is starting already.

- Keep it up.

- Back in the late 19th century, the main way to travel was on the railroad. However, at Maderas golf club, we have found a new method of transport with a Southern Californian twist.

NARRATOR: Introduced in 2014, GolfBoards are a combo of surfboard, skateboard, and golf cart. They can reach top speeds of 12 miles per hour, and, more importantly for all golfers, decrease playing time by up to 40%.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: Why not change up the mode of transportation on the course? And being in southern California, of the GolfBoard's a perfect fit. So it's a great way to carve the course up. And a lot of fun. So-- nobody rides a board without a smile on their face, whether they can handle them well or not. They're still having a good time. So all good things.

HALE KELLY: The GolfBoard makes a round of golf so much more fun, that, you know, next thing you know, it's over. And then just the fun in between shots. And as undulated as this golf course is, I mean, it does feel like you're surfing the earth and kind of carving up the waves. I mean, you could play this golf course on a GolfBoard in two hours or less.

DIANE KNOX: So we are in San Diego at Maderas Golf Club, the Secret Smackdown hole one. It's the 16th hole under par four.

What are the stakes?

- What are the stakes?

- Getting back to the clubhouse on that buggy.

STEVE ELKINGTON: No. What do you guys normally play for around here?

CORRIE STERNQUIST: You know, a couple $100,000.

- There's a $200,000 bet.

- Ah, beauty.

- All right. We got one in play.

- Now on the tee, the OHL champion.


STEVE ELKINGTON: Oh, yeah. You're up.

- Catch that, Elk.

- Oh, boy.

- No, that's perfect.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: He got one to fairway there, Elk. Whoo, you're fine. Cute.

STEVE ELKINGTON: I didn't hit that bad a shot on the first hole. But it was all right. I-- I'm used to that. I mean, whatever he says to me doesn't mean anything, anyway. It doesn't land anywhere. It just goes over the top, like a helicopter or something. It just-- doesn't land. Never happens.

Oh, come on back. Good shot!

HALE KELLY: Steve kind of looked at me, and he said, wow, good shot. I thought, yeah, it was a good shot. I didn't even expect it.

- What is that, three feet?

- Five.

- Did you see that shot?

- Five and change.

- It's not a gimme.

- Five and change.

- It's not? No gimme?

- It's fine.

- It's straight downhill from there.

- I don't miss.



HALE KELLY: Bring that wedge.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: That's gonna-- that's gonna move a little bit right on the [INAUDIBLE].

STEVE ELKINGTON: Watch this come off the hill.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: Better bring that wedge.



STEVE ELKINGTON: Wait for it. Wait for it.

HALE KELLY: I'm waiting

STEVE ELKINGTON: What a comedian.

- Too long! Too long.

PAT PEREZ: Oh, god. I don't think we're that--

HALE KELLY: So strong.

PAT PEREZ: Do you think that's the 150 there?

HALE KELLY: So strong.

- I-- I still didn't know how far it went. I still don't know how far it was.



PAT PEREZ: Knock it down.

HALE KELLY: Oh, that one's-- that was pretty good.

PAT PEREZ: Knock it down.


DIANE KNOX: Oh-ho-ho!




- Pat, he went in their tight, just coming off his fresh form. So he looked good.

- This is not Mexico anymore.


Let's take a break already.

What are you playing, straight?

- Pretty straight. Yeah.


- Ooh. Straight.

- Could be money.

- Let's see what we got here.


- You look so, uh-- you look so good over it. So I'm glad that was--

- Slow.


- OK, you-- you guys take all that out of the way.

- You know, Pat, he just-- just missed a little bit, so.

- Most of the time when someone gets one up in a match, it's very hard to lose.


- Oh! Look at that! Beautiful.

- He helped put it-- he had a good shot in there, and-- and he did three, and Elk didn't do anything.

- OK. One up. Pretty much a formality for me.

- Great-- great hole, Elk.

- Yeah.

- Way to play.

- Have you been a cross-hander for a long time?

- Why?

- Just--

- I just can't set up the other way, to be honest with you. I don't know how to set. My left arm doesn't get right, and my left shoulder gets high. I don't really ever see the line straight.

- You look terrible there.

- I can't do it. I just-- I-- I really can't-- I can't get my shoulders how I want to. I've tried wide. I've tried open. I've tried forward. I-- I can never find the same spot twice. Never the same spot. So when I set up with the right-- with the right down, I put my left arm on the same every time. So--

- How are you-- how you powering the stroke? Are you shoulder down and up, or--

- Well, I was just thinking about that. You know, I-- I have some-- sometimes my stroke gets too slow and too long. So then there's a decel. So when I start to feel like my speed gets off, I go short and quick.

- On purpose?

- Short and-- Yeah. Short and accelerating. So, like, for this-- you know, with a shorter stroke, you're only going to hit it so far. But what I'm trying to do is get my acceleration through the ball.

- Yeah.

- And see, now that felt like I hit it twice as hard as a long stroke.

- Yeah.

- And it barely got to the hole.


- The reason we wanted to come out here is we wanted to go on the GolfBoards, which is a real California thing, I think.

- It's a cool concept. It's fun. It's perfect for San Diego. You know, and I'm-- I can tell that people are having fun. It's a great-- great idea.

STEVE ELKINGTON: This is kind of a millennial thing. I have a natural rebellious attitude toward things like that.

- The turning of it is a little tough. It's a little tough. I didn't have the-- I didn't get my weight. There's a lot of up and down to it-- a lot of side hills.

HALE KELLY: Want me to teach you how to steer?

- I'm more worried for him, because he's on tour and he just had his-- he's just come back from his shoulder surgery. Like I really need someone to write up a report that Pat falls off a-- off a board, playing with Elk in a show.

NARRATOR: But it turns out Pat wasn't the one to be worried about.

- That's-- that's just horrifying.

- Can't go straight. You gotta do a side action.

- It's like-- it's just like watching a bad crash.


- I can see, though, where you get a little crazy going around those corners. Um, you can-- you can-- you can go off.

- I was actually waiting for it. I want to see him go down. That would have been nice. That would have been nice.

DIANE KNOX: Well, after the first smackdown hole, and after Hale's magnificent second shot--

- That was magnificent.

- You guys are one up.

- Yeah.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: Elk's got his pom-poms out.

- Now we're on the 17th, par three.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Beautiful hole. Downhill 191. Show me the shot, mate.



PAT PEREZ: Oh, he's going to need a friend.

- Beach?

- He's looking-- he's looking for a friend.

CORRIE STERNQUIST: We need some tree monkeys.

PAT PEREZ: Elk, you actually gotta show up.



STEVE ELKINGTON: Silky smooth, wasn't it?

PAT PEREZ: Very crisp. Very crisp, but he never hit the greens.

STEVE ELKINGTON: I heard nice noise.

- Yeah, I know.




- Come on.

- Very solid.


- That sounds like the green.

PAT PEREZ: Where's that?

I had a little seven iron. I didn't have a great shot. These guys got big stress.

- We both hit horrible shots. And--


STEVE ELKINGTON: You got-- you might have a little buggy whip.


STEVE ELKINGTON: I see the way you run that buggy over there. You might have-- might have take it easy. You've got too much stress on that buggy.


- Luckily, those guys hit it deep into the green, which made it a difficult putt to even two-putt, much less one-putt.

- Oh!

CORRIE STERNQUIST: It can come back a little bit.

- Plenty of speed.

HALE KELLY: That's good.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Other than the line and the speed, it was money.

HALE KELLY: It was a great putt.

- You know, we'd like to help close his mouth a little bit with a great shot.


STEVE ELKINGTON: This looks kind of dangerous. Is that too far left?

HALE KELLY: In there.

STEVE ELKINGTON: OK. That's good. Take it away.

- Unfortunately, we didn't stick in there quite as close as we'd like. Um, and those guys were kind of short left, and had a-- had a look at-- look at birdie, anyways.




Ooh boy.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Coin. Watch them take it.


- Yeah, we, um, kind of feel like we let off the pedal a little bit too soon.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Gah. The knock-out. I can knock out a champ right here. Knock out and just knock him out. Ka-poom!

We were still the odds-on favorite. In Vegas, uh, we would have been, you know, 1 to 30.


CORRIE STERNQUIST: That was pretty there.



STEVE ELKINGTON: Six inches shorter, we would have been back at the clubhouse, you know, with our feet up at the fire pit.

HALE KELLY: Dang it!

I don't-- I don't know. Maybe it just didn't line up the correct way. I don't-- we had a chance to take the hole and end it. But-- Elk didn't perform.

- One up, one to go.

- When you think of Southern California, you think of the ocean, the beaches. Surfing, skateboarding, the whole outdoor SoCal lifestyle. But we have found a secret, right here in San Diego. This is Poway.

NARRATOR: Settled in the hill country, about 30 minutes northeast of downtown San Diego, lies the town of Poway. One of the highlights of this city in the country is Old Poway Park-- a throwback to what life was like in the early days of California.

DIANE KNOX: In Old Poway, you would never, ever, think you were in San Diego. The San Diego that I know is definitely not the way that Poway is. I love that.

It's completely different. It's like a historic, little hidden, secret city. So hopefully we can tell people it's something a little bit different about San Diego.

But it was fab. I love the fact that it's very family orientated. We were in the park. Lots of people in groups hanging about-- moms and dads with their kids. It felt very safe, very friendly, and very old west, which was nice to see.

- You know, I think the great thing about Poway is their commitment to preserve what they have. They recognize this is a very special place.

DIANE KNOX: The final hole on our Secret Smackdown. The 18th, the par five. It's a big one. So we're going for it. Pat, now I've got to say, Steve's one up.

- He hasn't hit a shot yet. It's great for his partner has done all the work.

- Regular golf.

- He's hit all the shots. You haven't done anything yet.

- There's a little fighting tone.


STEVE ELKINGTON: We're basking in the glow of the one up. And, by the way, this is probably one of the most beautiful looking holes I've ever seen.

- Certainly one of the best views off that tee, you know, in all of San Diego.


- Oh, yeah.

- Butter off there.

- Butter cut.

STEVE ELKINGTON: That's how I putt. No problem. I'm-- I'll go big. Pat? You gonna hit the fairway here, or--

PAT PEREZ: Yeah. Watch this.


- Take that. Take that, number 18 at Maderas.


HALE KELLY: Yee-hee. Pretty strong.

STEVE ELKINGTON: If I win this, this gets [INAUDIBLE] points.


- Oh, my!

- Oh, baby!

- That was smoke!

- Gah!

- Now that's big smoke.

HALE KELLY: That was big smoke.

PAT PEREZ: That was big smoke.

- It's all right. He's young. Look at him. Look how strong he is.

HALE KELLY: We're getting there, I told you.



STEVE ELKINGTON: That's a maybe. It definitely had some altitude.

PAT PEREZ: Really? You smell that jealousy.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Does your buggy go up in the bushes?

PAT PEREZ: That's perfect, by the way.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Does your buggy have terrain wheels?

PAT PEREZ: I'll send you a letter from where I'm at, compared to yourself.

- Hey, by the way, I hit my drive on 18 par hole. Johnny Longball over here, with his-- all these gadgets he's got out there now, his new gear. I'm out there, like, forever.

HALE KELLY: Just go ahead and just-- just imagine the trophy ceremony.


Think that.


Oh, now he's going to have to show off.

- Get that!

PAT PEREZ: Five-- five here is a big loss.


PAT PEREZ: Five's a big loss here.

HALE KELLY: Could be big three right here. Watch this.


- This is how we play this one, I believe.



Probably one of the worst shots I've ever seen.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Whoa! Wait a second! [INAUDIBLE].

PAT PEREZ: Five loses.

After he said this is how closers close, he didn't close nothing.

- I'm thrown off from my buggy. My buggy's got me, like, dizzy.

But it was-- it wasn't-- it had nothing to do with me. It was all board.

- I'll tell you what, that was crisp. That was pretty. That was real pretty.



- Oh, my gosh. Come on. Fade a little bit. Fade! Yeah. Beach.

- I'm just going to hit with a little feather. Hit a little feather five in there.

- This is-- this is like Mexico all over again.

- Watch this.



- It might go in.

- Why'd you do that?

- There you go, Perez.

- It might go in.

- Why'd you hit it like that?

STEVE ELKINGTON: Why'd you do that?


STEVE ELKINGTON: Why'd you do that? Why-- why'd you do--

HALE KELLY: Good shot!

PAT PEREZ: I'm here all week.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Why'd you do that?

CORRIE STERNQUIST: Pat, you know, those wise guys earn their living under pressure. They know what they have to do, and they-- they execute it. So he had a pure five iron.

STEVE ELKINGTON: Flag! It's right by the flag!

- Who does he think he was dealing with? You kidding me?

HALE KELLY: And it wasn't the easiest of bunker shots, either. I mean, it's downhill sloped, and then it's kind of running away from you.

- Oh. Isn't that nice? Ho! Ho! Ho! Stop! Stop!

It's running.

PAT PEREZ: It's rolling away.

- Didn't go. Camp tour.

- No tour.

We had to play out the bunker shot really aggressive. We tried to get it brought up there with spin, the whole show.

- You got the spin.

STEVE ELKINGTON: It's spinning. Nice spin.

PAT PEREZ: Nice spin. Bad shot, nice spin.

It helped let his partner down, in my opinion.

- OK, partner. We're-- somehow we've found ourself right behind the 8-ball on this hole.

- Somehow.





- Wow! Did you black out, or do you realize what happened?

- No, it's good.

- Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.


- Oh baby. Oh.

- That's how you make three.

- We made [INAUDIBLE] story.

- They would consider this a real, real, real, strong finish for them-- tying us. They'd be happy with that result today.

- They would have won if it wasn't for Elk.

- Well--

- Good one. Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- Now that is how you make [INAUDIBLE].

- My pleasure.

- Well, you hit one shot on that hole. That's all right.

- It's just the one that counted.

- California definitely has, you know, a lot to offer. We've been to a lot of places in the country. It reminds me very much of where I-- where I'm from in Australia. Sydney is like this, but less people. So if you're inclined to come to San Diego and you want to play, I think for sure you come to Maderas. Check out the GolfBoard scene here.

- Little fun to see him struggle on the boards, though. You know, guys that are so good at their craft get out there on the court and kind of struggle a little bit.

- I wasn't that good on it. A lot of stress. Too many hills.

- The best thing is that those guys, they love golf. And so we're in the same boat. They love golf. They love to compete.

- It's not every day that you get to play with a champion, you know, especially a guy like Pat that just came off of a fresh win.

- And that's what makes golf fun-- some trash talking and putting pressure on each other. It doesn't really get any better than that.

- Come and enjoy San Diego. There's so many things out here. It's a great town, obviously. San Diego is one of the most popular places in the whole country. It's beautiful. The weather's great. Magic. Magic spot.

NARRATOR: On another episode of "Secret Golf", we visit the home of the Tigers, and Secret Tour player Jason Dufner.

- Everyone there involved with Auburn just love Jason Dufner. And, uh, hey, "Secret Golf" just rode the coattails.

NARRATOR: Plus, we uncover Jason's true passion--

- Got the whole town involved.

NARRATOR: --and the difference Duf's foundation makes to the kids of Auburn.

- When he comes, he's kind of just like any other volunteer.

NARRATOR: We swoop in on the Auburn University football field--

STEVE ELKINGTON: Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle.

NARRATOR: --and our "Secret Golf" correspondent is forced to face her fear.


All that, and more, on another episode of "Secret Golf" with Steve Elkington.


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