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Brittany Lang & Gerina Piller - Solheim Cup

Brittany Lang & Gerina Piller - Solheim Cup

Brittany Lang & Gerina Piller join hosts Steve Elkington & Diane Knox to discuss their preparation for the 2017 Solheim Cup.


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This is "Secret Golf" with Elk and Knoxy, the podcast. I'm Diane, or Knoxy. I hope you're good, and enjoyed the action of the PGA Championship last week. I just got back from Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it was fantastic. A lot of excitement, a lot of brilliant golf, and I was so happy to see Justin Thomas lift the Wanamaker at the end of the week.

I'm happy to be back, though, because it was very, very hot. And the most humid conditions I have ever experienced in my life. Four days of walking around that golf course was not easy work. I feel like I sweated so much, though, I could work out.

Now, this week we are on to the Solheim Cup. It's a big week for the ladies, with USA taking on Europe at Des Moines in Iowa. Elk's been talking about the Solheim Cup for a very, very long time. He is at home in Houston, Texas, and I wanted to get him on the phone to, first of all, look back at the PGA Championship this year, and look ahead to the Solheim Cup with a mega podcast involving two of the USA team.

KNOXY [ON PHONE]: Elk, how are you today?

ELK [ON PHONE]: I'm very good. I enjoyed, uh, watching the PGA Championship yesterday.

KNOXY: Well, I was actually there, and, uh, I came back last night just in time to watch maybe the final two or three groups finish on the Green Mile. And it was a very exciting end, anyway. Did you-- well, you called it. I saw on Twitter you called Justin Thomas winning very early yesterday morning.

ELK: Yeah. I, um-- There's just something about, you know, those group of guys that have got the right mix of attitude right now. I'm talking, of course, of Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, and Justin Thomas, Bud Cauley. All those guys seem to have I think something special going on as far as attitude. They seem to-- You know, there's all sorts of different eras on tour.

You know, of course, we've seen the most insular era of all with Tiger Woods where he was basically by himself the whole time. And of course there's some other good players like Rory McIlroy, Jason Day who always appear to be insular with themself, and that's fine. We saw with Greg Norman, we saw it with Nick Faldo.

But in this era, it seems Diane, that, um, there's a very sort of a-- I don't want to say-- I don't want to say group or team, but they're-- they're very relaxed. And it seems like they-- they're playing better because of it.

KNOXY: There's a real sense of camaraderie with them. I loved seeing the pictures of Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. They were walking to the 18th green to greet their buddy as he came in. And, um, I think it's really good for-- for especially young people, to see that in golf now.

ELK: Yeah, I do too. I mean Jason Dufner, who's obviously pretty much older than those guys, he's kind of in that group, too. I mean, he likes to hang around with Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. It gives him a lot of energy. And I know for myself, when, um, I was finishing up my tour, I liked to hang around the younger guys, like Pat Perez and Jason Dufner. Now they're-- they're the older guys. So I would go play with them because they had so much energy for the tour.

You know, I think I said this on an earlier podcast about Jordan Spieth where he said he wasn't feeling the pressure that much this week because he felt like he was going to play 25 more PGAs. I think, to me, that sums it up. They're in it for the long haul. They're not trying to cash out. They're not trying to do anything. They're-- they-- they're true players.

I mean, I played 28 straight years on the tour, and I still play golf every day. They love playing golf. It's evident, the way they-- they're young, their junior-- their junior golf pictures, they're friends. To them, to be honest, nothing's changed to them.

KNOXY: Yeah. They love to play golf and they love to win. They're certainly good at it, anyway. But this week, after the PGA Championship, we are on to the girls, and it's a big one for them. The Solheim Cup at Des Moines in Iowa.

So I know that the Solheim Cup, Elk, is something that you absolutely love. How are you feeling about this week?

ELK: I love it. I think, um-- It's so unusual to-- you know, when you think about the Solheim Cup, and you think about all this, um, national pride, it seems to me, the girls, uh, you know when the Ryder Cup comes around, you hear press and so on say, well, you know, these guys need to get more national pride, or get pumped up. The girls, the girl-- Have you seen Gerina Piller's Instagram this morning? She's got 50 outfits of USA stuff (CHUCKLING) that's on her Instagram this morning. Britney Lincicome was, uh, you know, Instagramming last week that she was, like, ready last week.

So they have national pride. Their captain, Julie Inkster. if you like match play, and you like golf, then I think this is becoming one of the most gotta watch events ever. And of course, we're really lucky because at Secret Golf we have three girls that are Secret Golf members that are on the team. And of course, Stacy Lewis, that is, one of the greatest players in the world. Brittney Lang, the-- last year's US Open champ, and Gerina Piller.

KNOXY: You know, you obviously speak to them on a regular basis. You know how pumped up they are. And Gerina's Instagram just proves it. Now, we-- we've actually-- well, you've been talking to two of the girls, Brittany Lang and Gerina Piller. So you wanted to talk to Brittany about preparation. You talked with her last week, and wanted to really delve into how she gets prepared for the Solheim Cup.

ELK [ON PHONE WITH BRITTANY]: Congratulations on the Solheim. That's awesome.

BRITTANY LANG: Thank you very much.

ELK: How's your truck?

BRITTANY LANG: Um, it's awesome. I'm in it right now.

ELK: [LAUGH] Um, OK, I'm with Brittany Lang, last year's US Open champion. Brittany, what are the first thoughts that come to you just when you think about the Solheim. You've just-- you've just made the team, what are you thinking about?

BRITTANY LANG: Um, well, first, you know, it's a hard battle to make the team because we have so many great players. So you know, up and to that point, you're pretty stressed out, you know, hoping you play well, and-- You know, first, you're-- you're just so thankful that you made it, you're on the team, and you're ready for another Solheim Cup. And then, you know, the second thing is, you know, you get a little nervous, you get a little excited, but, you know, at the end of the day, it's-- it's one of the most fun weeks you'll ever have on a golf course. So that sums it up.

ELK: Yeah, I mean, um, you won the course. You won the United States Open last year, and you were in a playoff, uh, to win that. Essentially, isn't that almost like what you go through, uh, every hole for the Solheim Cup, almost like what the playoff was?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, pretty much. That's a-- it's a great example, you know. It's pretty much, um, a sudden death playoff-- you know, every match, every hole. And that's, I think, what makes it so exciting, absolutely.

ELK: Now, when you and I were together, where we showed you a private channel for Secret Golf this year, you were about to leave, and-- and the Solheim Cup girls were headed down to Texas to do a secret meeting. What were you'all doing down there, and was that a prep? You know, I know how serious this event is. What did you'all do for that?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. We went, um-- we went to Houston, then we went to Bluejack, which is an amazing place. Um, and we just had a get together. You know, I always really enjoy those. Um, just a few days of hanging out with the team, hanging out with the captains, you know, playing some alternate shot, playing some golf. Got a lot of bonding, you know, just-- Um, it's good to play alternate shot, and play, and get to know everybody, but it's also good to just, you know, have some dinners and drinks and, uh, just spend some time with the girls that you're going to go into battle with.

ELK: Yeah. And then of course, you'all are going to be going up to Des Moines, Iowa, which is going to be interesting for all of us. I think I'm going to go if I can get all my work done. I think I'm going to come up there and watch this match. I mean, I have to see it.

Do you know--


ELK: --much about the course? Yeah, exactly. Might bring the bus and we'll set all-- it all up and everything. What, um-- So what's the-- what do you do as a team? You know, I'm sort of-- I'm sort of, um, leaning on you a little bit to tell us what it's going to be like for you early in the week. We sort of-- we sort of get the idea of what it's going to be like in the matches. They're going to be intense. You've got to have a partner and all that. But what's the job once you get there?

BRITTANY LANG: Well, you know, I'll start this week. You know, Julie made the announcement, and we got together--

ELK: Julie-- Julie Inkster, of course, your captain. Yup.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, Julie Inkster. And you know what I liked is, you know, she gave us a little-- a couple little things to work on, which I love. You know, she said, make sure you can get on some fast greens with some shorter putts that break a lot. Um, so--

ELK: Yup.

BRITTANY LANG: You know, I liked-- I liked that she said that. You know, make sure you're chipping out of the rough some and working on your wedge game. So, you know, I liked that she mentioned those. Because this week, you know, take a couple days off, but, you know, get on those short break and putts, sharpen up your wedges and chipping. So it kind of starts here.

And then to answer your question, we get in Sunday, and then we have a team dinner Sunday night. And then-- It's just such a fun week. It's a busy week. You know, Monday you get out there and you leave all your tickets for all your family and friends and get organized and sign all the-- all the banners and flags and stuff like that. You know, there's a lot of signing and tickets and all kinds of jazz like that that you have to get done on Monday.

But it's kind of nice. You know, I'll go out and play-- I'll play nine holes kind of each day and practice a little bit, get comfortable on the course. But it's just kind of a-- it's a-- it's a long week of preparation, because you get there Sunday and you don't start till Friday. But it's-- it's kind of fun because you're playing practice rounds with your partner, and you're doing a ton of autographs and stuff. So it's kind of a-- a really fun week like that, getting ready for it.

ELK: Pretty stressful, I'm sure. But I mean, is there any thought that you-- I know it's fun, because I've played in Presidents Cups and it is fun. Of course, the matches are intense, and we all know that. Do you start to think about, you know, like-- I know the answer to this, I think, is you know, what hold are you going to be teeing off in the ultimate shots. You know, you're-- you're a strong player. Do you-- I don't even want to ask you who your partner is because I don't want you have tell me or anything like that. I'd rather be surprised. But are you starting to think that far ahead about the shots you're going to be asked-- asked to hit?

BRITTANY LANG: Um, you know, the only really thing that I always try to really focus on these weeks is putting. You know it always comes down to putting. And I've been hitting the ball really solid, so I'm not I'm not-- I'm not super worried about that, because I've been striking the ball well. But I mean, I just always think you can not putt enough. You know, and I was out there today for a few hours and just all kinds of putts, you know? Shorter putts, longer putts.

ELK: Yeah.

BRITTANY LANG: Just really getting comfortable with your putter, because, you know, when the pressure's on next week, you want to-- you know, you want to have, um, your blanket to go to, that you've been working on stuff you've been doing that you can get back to.

ELK: When you say your blanket, you're talking about like your lobby, right? Your safe zone, right? The one-- you want-- you want to go through your routine and know what it takes to make a three putter, right? Because in practice, you're-- you're basically simulating, like, all the bad things that can happen to you. You're going to be left with a three putter here, a four [INAUDIBLE] here with a big swinger, right? Or this one to win a hole.

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, that's exactly right. You know, it's the stuff you've been doing since most of us were 10 years old. We know how to do it, but, you know, you just can't practice it enough, you know. Because even if maybe you have a bad thought in your head or something like that, you know, your body knows-- your body knows what to do.

So I just always focus a lot on putting. I just-- I've been hitting it good, like I said, and I just try to-- I just try to putt until I don't want to putt anymore.

ELK: Yeah. Well, you know, what's your relationship like with Julie Inkster? I know everybody, you know-- everybody loves Julie Inkster. She's a player, and she's kind of a tough person, but she's also fun, right? Tell us what it's like for you and Julie, because you sound to me like you've got a lot of experience, which you do. And, um, you've been through a lot of pressure, which you have. So you sound pretty-- it sounds pretty simple, you know, right now. You're focused on your putting, and-- and basically, just get out there and see what the course is giving you. Is that where we're at today?

BRITTANY LANG: Yeah. I mean, you know, like I said, you're-- you're excited for the week, you're going to be nervous. If you say you're not, you're lying. You know, it's the most exhilarating, electrifying first tee you'll ever be on. Like it doesn't even compare to a major. It's just-- It's just so exciting.

And, um, yeah, to answer your question, Julie's great. You know, she's-- she's so much fun. She's always joking around. She is so passionate about the Solheim Cup, man. She-- She just-- She just-- uh, man. She loves it so much.

And you watch videos of her playing and her bazillion Solheim Cups that she played in. She's so competitive, and has so much grit. And, you know, she-- she was such a stud playing in these Solheim Cups, and then to play for her, she's still-- you know, she still has all that competitive fire, which is really cool.

But at the same time, you know, she's a cut up, and she's always joking. And she's pretty simple herself. She's very simple, laid back, always making us laugh, making us feel comfortable. But, um, she's a great captain. She's been very-- she's had great communication with us this year, which I think is so important, and couldn't ask for anything more. You know, we've really had a good time so far.

ELK: Oh, that's fantastic. And so I think you've already said it, but I'd leave you with one question is, what is it going to take for Brittney Lang to have a great week next week?

BRITTANY LANG: For me to have a great week, um, if I can say, on Sunday afternoon, after I've played however many matches I've played, if I can say, you know I have my few things I'm working on, if I can say I stuck with my process, you know, I committed to what I was doing, and I-- you know, I just-- I did the absolute best I could, I tried the best I could.

And you know I got points for my team, whether that be one point, two point, three-- whatever it is-- I'll be pretty satisfied. You know, if I-- if I really added value to the team with a point or two, you know, there, that's all you can ask for. Because I know those girls are-- they're trying just as hard, and you just want to-- you just want to put points on the board for them because you know how hard they are working.

ELK: Just you being there is going to give a lot of the girls on the team some-- some satisfaction or some help because you're so experienced. Listen, thanks for talking to us about the Solheim Cup. I am going to do my best to be there. I just can't wait. If I don't, I'll be watching it on TV. And congratulations to you and the other two girls for-- Gerina and Stacy, Secret Golf girls who are just flying the flag for us up there. I hope it brings the USA home, the Cup.

BRITTANY LANG: I hope so, too. Thanks so much, Steve.

KNOXY: So Elk, that was you chatting to Brittany Lang. You talked with her last week. We know that they were heading to Iowa yesterday. They have like their big team bonding dinner. And then today is when the work starts. But I like to hear Brittany just talking about-- You know, obviously, she's been working on specific parts of her game, but she's really been thinking of that team mentality, and that is what's so important for the Solheim Cup.

ELK: Yeah. For people that don't know Brittany Lang, they can always go to Secret Golf and watch her home page or her private channel. But she drives a giant truck. When we went up to see-- as you remember this, and we'll tell our viewers, when we went up to shoot the US Open champ, which was last-- earlier this year before the US Open, we were all sort of all about crew, was saying, hey, what's Brittany Lang-- what car is she going to drive up on?

And somebody had her in-- you know, in a-- in a Mercedes. Someone had a Lexus. And here she comes in one of the jacked-up trucks-- I mean, all the way jacked up, with the big wheels, the big mud wheels, with the big map of Texas on-- on the [LAUGH]-- on the hubcaps. I mean, it was amazing, wasn't it? And her husband drives a Harley Davidson, and he's a real big guy.

For those who don't know it, she loves to work out. I mean, she was working out-- she's so strong. She feels like that fitness is so much part of her life. And she was even-- went in and lifted weights and rode the bike while we were-- while we were setting up our-- our shoot that day. But Brittany's ready. You know, she's a big preparation person. She doesn't-- You know, as you heard her talk about how much passion she has with this event, she's pretty ready, right? I mean, there's not much left for her to do.

Then we went, I got to talk to Gerina Piller who, we've had a great run, as you know, Diane, with Martin Piller who won on the tour last week. And of course, his wife, Gerina, who's very famous in the Solheim Cup in her own right, who basically, won the cup for USA last time with a-- just a mind-blowing 15 footer on the 17th hold to keep the match alive. And of course, we filmed all that to let her relive it, and we spoke about it again on this podcast with her, talking about pressure.

Gerina, how are you today?

GERINA PILLER: I'm good. How are you, Elk?

ELK: Good. Um, congratulations on making the Solheim cup. I know it was a formality from your good play, that all the points you accumulated that you are, indeed, back on this team. Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about-- of course, next week is the Solheim Cup. What is your thoughts right out of the gate, first, of Solheim Cup. Give me that first.

GERINA PILLER: Um, well, first off, um, probably just-- I just feel so honored. Um, any time you can represent your country, I feel like that's one of the greatest honors anybody can have, regardless what you're doing to represent your country, whether it's you're in the military, you're, you know, playing a sport. And so to be on the team for-- this is my third time now-- is-- is pretty special. And, um, you know, just thinking about that first tee, I think it just-- it gets me, uh, just gets me really pumped up.

ELK: Oh, no doubt. Of course and you're-- you're an Olympian as well, which is a very rare combination when you come to play for your country. In a different sense, you told me this year that being an Olympian was one of your greatest achievements. Uh, that-- that is true, right? This is right up there, I'm sure.

GERINA PILLER: Um, yes. I mean-- I mean, just to be classified with some of the athletes that-- you know, we're-- we're blessed and fortunate to play on a tour and make money, obviously, playing our sport. And some of these Olympians, they don't get anything for their sport. You know, they're-- they're preparing for four years, and, you know, if it's running a race, it may be nine seconds. So they're preparing four years for nine seconds.

And, you know, to be classified with those athletes, I think it's, um, pretty incredible, um, and it's just-- it was definitely a dream come true. I never thought in my wildest dream I would ever be an Olympian. I mean, watching the Olympics, the '96 Olympics when the gymnastics team came back and Kerri Strug, you know, hurt her ankle.

And I'll remember this day. I'm like, how awesome would that be to be an Olympian, but, um, like, gymnastics. I'm like-- I've never-- I'm the most inflexible person you've ever met. I can't even touch my toes, so there's no way I would ever be an Olympian. You know, I'm not very tall, can't play basketball. Um, you know, as far as track and field, I wouldn't say I'm slow, but I'm not fast.

ELK: But you're ripped. You're ripped. You're rapped and you're strong. That's what you've got going for you.

GERINA PILLER: Yeah, those are good things. [LAUGH]

ELK: Sometimes I tell people that are ripped like you, and that are maybe not flexible, sometimes-- because I'm the opposite of you. I'm super flexible. I'm like Gumby. So I always say that my swing can get out of-- get out of whack really easy. Where for you, I wish I was kind of stiff so I-- I can't get out of whack. You keep your swing so--


ELK: --so circular, so spinning. So there's trade-offs for that.

I want to talk about, um-- of course you were the hero, or you were the person that kept the Cup going. You made this incredible pressure putt last-- last Solheim Cup where you made a 10 footer left or right across the hill. It was the most pressure-packed part. And then, of course, you went on to win that match, and to seal off the Solheim Cup. How do you deal with pressure? Talk us through it a little bit.

GERINA PILLER: Um, well, pressure in general, you know, obviously, it's very uncomfortable. Um, I-- I will be brutally honest with you. And for me, it's a love-hate relationship. You know, I love it. I love being in that moment and just grinding it out. But, you know, it's-- it's an uncomfortable feeling. And so it's like, you know, you kind of hate it, you know, because you just-- you want to perform so well, and-- and, uh--

But as far as the Solheim Cup, you know, you're already having pressure playing for your country, and-- and, um, that's a big deal. You know, we- we-- in our country, our sports are, you know, we hold Americans to a very high standard. And so just to be on the team is pressure in itself.

And, um, you know, to have a putt, just to be given the opportunity, um, to have that putt, you know, it-- it's-- that's incredible. I mean, it doesn't matter how much you practice or play to be in that situation, to have the putt, to continue on or to win, or whatever it may be, is-- is very rare. And, um, you know, looking back on it, you know, a lot of people ask me, like, well, what were you thinking, or what did you do.

And what's-- what's neat about it is it kind of teaches me, like, OK, that's reason why we have a routine, a practice routine. Because I look back on it, and, you know, I'm sure people were thinking about this. You know, oh, I'm going to ask her about this question, and it's going to be this secret to golf. She's going to unlock this big secret. Is like, I don't really remember what I was thinking. You know, I just did what I did every time.

You know, that's why you have a routine so, you know, you know what to do. You're not sitting there like, oh, what do I do now? How do I take it back? Do I go inside? Do I keep [INAUDIBLE] squared? Do I let it rotate open? You know, do I accelerate back?

You know, there's all these things could be going through your mind, but that's why you practice your [INAUDIBLE] routine. And that could be a lesson for [INAUDIBLE] golfers, [INAUDIBLE] golfers, you know, the weekend golfer. You know, there's reasons why we do that, prepare for pressure-packed situations where I always say, my golf ball didn't know that I was in Germany putting for the Solheim Cup. You know?

ELK: Yeah.


ELK: Yes.

GERINA PILLER: --if you can keep it as simple as possible, then that's kind of-- that's kind of how I deal with pressure.

ELK: Of course, me included, when I shot your private channel for Secret Golf, which people can-- I wanted you to relive that putt, and you walked me through it as well. And you-- you did a good-- did a nice job exactly of saying what you did there. You stuck to your routine.

What do you have to do well next week for you to be successful? And I know you have a partner. I know you have a singles match on the last day. But what do you-- what do you have to do next week to have a great week?

GERINA PILLER: Um, try to not try, if that makes sense. Um, you know, obviously, you've got to go into the week. You don't try harder just because it's Solheim. You don't do anything different. Play your game. I mean, we're-- those 12 girls that are there for the Europeans and the 12 girls for the United States, you're there for a reason, because you're good. And you don't need to do anything special. And to go out there and, uh, just play your game. And I think that's one of the hardest things is, you know, you're-- you're not only playing for your country, you're-- you have a partner. And that's not very--

ELK: Yup.

GERINA PILLER: I mean, you do it once every two years. So that's definitely a not familiar, um, situation for us.

ELK: Now, I know you have a good relationship with your captain, Julie Inkster who's-- she's a real-- she's a real fun gal. She-- she's tough, right, and you and her have, a little, banded together. Do you ever get out of the pressure for the week? I mean, I know myself, from playing in Presidents Cups, you know, there is times when you're very stressed when you play. And then if you win a match, maybe you gain confidence. And then the next match you may feel super, right?

So does Julie Inkster, what kind of role will she play for you? I mean, each-- each player has a different relationship with their captain, is that correct?

GERINA PILLER: Yeah. I mean, she's-- she's definitely, um, as fun as can be. You know, keeps it light, you know. But when it comes down to it, she can definitely, serious face on, and, um-- But for me I think her just making it fun, and, uh, I know she believes in me. You know, maybe she'll have a little compliment here and there. You know, you're doing great. Keep it up. Um--

ELK: Or maybe a little dig here and there if things aren't-- the way, too, right?

GERINA PILLER: For sure. Oh, for sure.

ELK: Yeah.

GERINA PILLER: She's not-- that's the great thing about Julie is, you know, she'll sit there and, you know, compliment you when-- when it's-- a compliment is due. But at the same side, like if I need a swift kick in the rear, she'll give me a kick in the rear. [LAUGH]

ELK: [LAUGH] Well, that's great. Well, listen, um, we don't want to take you any more away from your practice this week. And I know I want you to-- to not try-try next week, and I want you to go undefeated. And of course, all the Secret Golf people will be watching. And we're so proud of you. And good luck. And I'm-- I'm planning on being there to come see this match. I have to see it for myself.

GERINA PILLER: [LAUGH] Awesome. Well, thanks, Elk. I'll look forward to it, and just happy to be a part of Secret Golf, and hopefully help some people along the way.

ELK: So Diane, we've heard from the USA girls. Of course, we didn't get a chance to talk to Stacy Lewis. She's gone into hiding, getting ready for the event. That's cool. Her husband Gerrod Chadwell, who I've-- I've spoken highly about on previous podcasts-- he is the ladies golf coach at the University of Houston. And he-- is where my son plays on the team, on the boys team.

He's up there, and we're going to get some inside, in-depth talking to him, probably tomorrow. We'll do a later podcast this week. But you being from the European side of the team, Diane, what are you thinking about? And how are your-- how is-- I'm saying, how is your team going to stack up against this squad?

GERINA PILLER: I know. Well, obviously, this-- with this Scottish accent, there's no escaping the fact that team Europe should be the team that I support. But I feel like my loyalties are very split, because, obviously, we work so closely with Brittany and Gerina and Stacy. So I don't know.

I mean, if you look at the Solheim Cup in 2015 in Germany, I think the thing that maybe stood out that the Americans had going probably more than the Europeans had going, was that burning desire to win. Especially if you look at Gerina's last couple of holes, that putt on 17 and that putt on 18. She was going to win it. That was it. And you could see how much the team were behind her.

So in my mind, I think that's something that the Americans definitely have going on. Which is funny, because if you compare the-- look at the men's Ryder Cup team, that was one of the downfalls everyone said that the US had compared to the Europeans, is the Europeans were more of a [INAUDIBLE] team. But I think that the US are going to be very, very hard to beat this year in Iowa.

ELK: Yeah. And of course, they-- I've already seen some pictures of-- for those that have not seen the pictures of the first tee in Iowa or at Des Moines, there is room for 10,000 people it looked like. It is a, uh, a bowl game, like a football ball game. Those girls [LAUGH], I don't know, it's going to be awesome. And I'm waiting for the pairings, I'm waiting to hear about the course. I'm just really excited about the Solheim Cup.

So should we go, and if we do, are you going to wear Euro gear and I'm going to wear USA gear? Because I'm Australian, you're Scottish. It's going to be odd. It's going to be awkward.

GERINA PILLER: And especially because everyone's going to be wearing their red, white, and blue, let's be honest. There's going to be an awful lot--

ELK: Maybe we can-- maybe we can work on our accents. Maybe I can say I'm from-- I'm from Texas. And you can say--


ELK: --you're from--


ELK: You wear blue. [LAUGH] Yeah, just wear blue.

KNOXY: Yeah, I think it is going to be a case of wearing blue, if we go to Iowa to support the girls. The thing is, well, I'm Scottish. I live in the US. My dad's actually American, too. He was born in California. So I have two passports, a British one and an American passport.

So I think I'm in a perfect position to say that I am going to sit firmly on the fence. But obviously, good luck to Gerina, to Brittany, and to Stacy. And thank you to them for giving us the time and chatting to Elk ahead of the Solheim Cup this week.

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Enjoy the Solheim Cup this week. Thank you for listening to the podcast, and we'll be back with another one soon.