Secret Golf Podcast

Start Of 2017/18 PGA Tour Season

Elk and Knoxy discuss the start of the 2017/18 PGA Tour Season and take a look at all 7 of our Secret Golf players taking part in this week's Safeway Open in Napa, California. Elk also goes behind the scenes and gives exclusive previews of our latest Player Channel shoots with Patton Kizzire and Brian Harman - coming soon!


KNOXY: On this "Secret Golf" podcast, we look at the start of the brand new season on the PGA Tour. We profile our Secret Golf Tour players who are taking part in the Safeway Open, one of them for the first time ever. And also, Elk goes behind the scenes on our Player Channel shoots with Brian Harman.


SINGER: (SINGING) It's Secret Golf, it's what I'm looking for. It's why I get up every morning, call my good-timing friends. It keeps me coming back for more. Secret Golf, we're headed down the road. We just load it up, the big show, going looking for the heart and soul. Rolling till the wheels fall off, it's Secret Golf. (WHISPERING) Shhh, it's a secret.

It's "Secret Golf" with Elk and Knoxy. Welcome to another podcast. I'm Diane, or Knoxy, back from my two-week trip to Scotland, the motherland. But it's good to be back. And Elke is here as well. Well, he's not actually here. He is living it up in California right now, in Sonoma. How are you?

ELK: [CHUCKLES] You know, I don't know how people live out here. It's so nice that I would-- I need more elements. I need more elements than, uh, you know, 75 degrees with no clouds and no wind and wineries everywhere. It's just like fairy tale out here in Sonoma.

I'm not complaining. I'm digging it, but it's just-- well, of course, you just got back from Scotland. Did you get frostbitten while you were over there, or anything like that?

KNOXY: Yes. So my trip to Scotland was a two-week trip. And it was definitely a tale of two halves. The first week, I was in Edinburgh, the capital, doing some radio work. And the weather was gorgeous. I didn't have to wear a jacket, bright sunshine, did loads of touristy things outside. But then the second week, I went back to Glasgow, where I lived before. And it was rainy and cold and dull. And yes, I was freezing.

ELK: I saw you over there on-- on Instagram, uh, climbing mountains, and so on. I mean, are you sort of, uh-- are you, um, um, sort of worried that you're losing your Scottish heritage, so you have to go back every once in a while and go to a castle or climb a hill to feel-- to regain your Scottish, uh, roots?

KNOXY: I'm-- I'm definitely not losing my Scottish roots. That's never gonna happen. I've lived here for over a year now in Florida. And I think I sound more Scottish than I did before. But I wanted to go back and like have my little holiday there and live like a tourist. And I definitely did all that. So I felt very Scottish. It was good to be back. But I'm happy to be back in the sunshine.

ELK: Well, we're glad to have you back, Diane. I mean, we-- you know, I was wondering if I was going to have to send you back to elocution school, too, so I could understand you. But you're sounding-- you're sounding very crisp this morning there.

KNOXY: Funny story, though, because this morning, I went to the supermarket on the way to work. And the girl stopped me and said, oh, my gosh, where's your accent from? And I told her to guess. And she guessed Australian. And I thought, oh, my gosh, I cannot wait to tell Elk. So there you go. I sound like you.

ELK: That was a plant. That was one of my-- that was my-- one of my plants. I planted that. How could anyone-- how could anyone get such a beautiful accent like Australia mixed up with a Scottish accent? That's-- that's hurt my feelings today. That's really-- that's hurt me.

KNOXY: I thought you were going see the beautiful Scottish accent, so yes. But anyway, back to normal now. And a lot's been happening. But this week, it's the start of the 2017/2018 PGA Tour Season. The Safeway Open in Napa, in California, just down the road from you. But it's gone by so fast. And I can't believe it's the start of the new season already.

ELK: I can't either. And I got to be honest, that a lot of Tour players are scratching their heads as well and thinking about, you know-- thinking about the fall, thinking about the weather, thinking about the long year they've had. And, you know, we just wrapped up the Tour Championship, President's Cup, Player of the Year, Vardon Trophy, Rookie of the Year. And then not three days later, they're gonna start again for the 18th season.

And you know, and I'm slightly confused, considering that I played the Tour for 30 years. Um, and I used to remember Jack Nicklaus would go back to Ohio. And he said that, you know, one of the great things for him was to go away from golf for three months. But I just wonder, uh, whether the overexposure of our Tour product is maybe hurting our sponsors, where it's so hard to get, what, 48 sponsored big tournaments?

And then each one of those sponsorships really would love to have all the great players. I mean, there's not a tournament that doesn't put up $10 million, Diane, that doesn't want all the number ones there, right? They-- they all want, uh, the top players.

So it's very diluted product at the moment. And I know what they're doing. They're trying to get the members, uh, of the Tour, the players more-- the guys that don't get in all the events, they're trying to get them a bigger number.

So for example, if you're a-- if you're a rookie on the Tour, you may-- if they want to get them 25 starts, so to do that, the Tour has to have almost 50 events.

KNOXY: And you don't think as well-- talking about the rookies, and we're going to talk about some of those in just a little while. But they just had the end of the So they were all fighting to be in the Top 25. It was the finals at Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville.

It's great for them, because they've got the momentum, the excitement, the motivation. They're still buzzing off this. So it's great for them that they just get to keep on going and launch right into the PGA Tour.

ELK: No doubt. I mean, I remember-- I'm 54 years old, and I still remember the excitement that I had the first day I worked on-- walked onto the PGA Tour as a card-- you know, an official Tour player. And we have three of our Web guys, Jason Gore, Ethan Tracy, and Martin Piller.

And two of those-- Martin Piller, he made it in the Web finals. So he won enough money in that little four-season finale to get onto the PGA Tour. And then Ethan Tracy won during the year. He was in the Top 25 on the Money list. So both those guys graduated.

Gore is from California. They love him out here. And he got a sponsor's exemption this week. So, um, as you noted, we have seven players, I think, playing this week at the Safeway. So it's a very exciting week for Secret Golf, because, uh, you know, whenever you got seven-- seven guys in the field, we got a shot. And Kizzire was second here last year. So we like-- we like it when our players are playing.

KNOXY: Well, let's have a look at our Secret Golf players that are playing this week in the Safeway Open, first event of the brand new season on the PGA Tour. Starting with Patton Kizzire, who's got great memories here, his second place finish last year.

Now is it safe to say that Patton's season last year on Tour probably wasn't what he had expected or hoped for? But, you know, getting that second place finish to start in the wraparound season was huge for him.

ELK: Oh, yeah. You know, I just got-- came back from a shoot, Sea Island, Georgia, where those guys live, St. Simons Island, where we went down and shot Patton Kizzire's personal channel last week. And I wanted to tell you a little bit about Patton.

You know, I don't-- you know, I haven't seen Patton play a lot of golf because, you know, our paths don't cross that much where we're actually playing. But I was so-- Patton Kizzire is-- he-- his channel will be coming to Secret Golf in the fall-- but he is so good at putting. I mean, just the first thing that comes into my head.

This guy is like Ben Crenshaw. He, uh-- he literally, um, a lot of people think that just the ball hitting the putter is as good as you can do. Patton Kizzire is so precise, Diane, when he-- when he-- when he practices, we-- we-- we film this. And we go through it with Patton. This guy can run it through a-- through a gate three feet out in front of him with a-- with a eighth of an inch on either side of the gate where that ball will go through.

It's just amazing to me, um, how the-- the newer players practice compared to what we do. And, of course, Patton played it all. And he's friends with Jason Dufner. He's very tall. He's like 6' 5", really good swing, really good hitter.

His strength is putting, chipping, iron play, really long. I mean, like 50 yards past me. And I'm considered, myself, pretty damn long, Diane. But no, not really. But he's a-- he's a very-- he's a-- he's a super player. And I just can't wait for people to try-- you know, to see his channel and understand how good you can get at the short game. It's-- it's pretty-- pretty amazing.

KNOXY: Patton is 6 foot 5, so super tall. He went to Auburn University, same uni as Jason Dufner. And when we were actually shooting Jason Dufner's player channel, we were at his house in Auburn and Patton turned up. But you could see that they're great friends. We hung out with them quite a lot. He's just such a nice, nice guy.

ELK: Good-looking kid, really good-looking kid, like a big teddy bear.


ELK: Everybody loves Patton. he's so likable. He's so, um-- he's like Clint Eastwood or something. This guy is so, um-- such a nice guy. Got that Alabama, um, you know, manners and just-- he's just awesome, Patton is, I think.

KNOXY: He played on the, I think, the Hooters Tour and the Nationwide Tour, what it was then, with my brother Russell. And then they both got on the PGA Tour around about the same time. We shot Patton's player channel last week. So that's gonna be coming soon to

And with that second place finish last year, he's got to be feeling confident and good and, you know, good feelings around the course playing this week.

ELK: Absolutely. The course obviously must suit him. Um, I don't think the course is overly long at Safeway, um, the old Silverado. Um, but I think, you know, now that I play with Patton, I don't worry about any part of his game. I used to think-- Dufner used to tell me, aw, he can't play that good. He doesn't hit his irons that good.

So I didn't really know what to expect when I went over to shoot Patton, because Dufner's been bashing him for so much, you know, almost like a big brother bashes their little brother. But I didn't know what to expect, because I thought, well, maybe I'm going to see some guy that really can't play, like he's just some sort of a freak putter.

But I was-- Dufner-- I called Dufner the shoot. I said, Duf, you've ruined me because I thought Patton was gonna be some sort of a chopper. But mate, he's very precise. He's aw, yeah. He said, I just-- I'm not-- I'm not telling him that, you know. He said, I know he's awesome. I'm just not telling him that. So--


ELK: --you know, Dufner is-- Dufner's harsh. He's harsh, harsh critic, you know, big brother.

KNOXY: Yeah, we know he is. So next up from our Secret Golf guys playing this week is a guy that when we showed his player channel, you made fun of me because-- and you said I had a man crush on him. But Jason Gore is playing this week and you said he's there with a sponsor's exemption?

ELK: Yeah. And, you know, Jason, his whole family was staying with us during the season in Houston, and his lovely wife and two kids. And Jason had-- he must be a little disappointed, I think, because he was in line to make the Top 25 on the Web to get back onto the PGA Tour. He even went away from the Web and came over to the PGA Tour, Diane, I think in Washington, DC, and finished about eighth in the tournament, and won a-- a ton of money on one week on the Tour.

So moneywise, he did pretty well last year. But he just found himself through injuries of his back and he has arthritis, that he actually missed both. He missed the-- he missed the Web 25. And then he got injured in his back in the finals and couldn't do that either. So I-- I've been a little bit sad for Jason. But, um, he's so good. He's so-- such a good player. His career has been filled with up and downs. I mean, the guy led the US Open through three rounds of the-- of the tourna-- of the tournament in Pinehurst the year that Michael Campbell won. He has won-- on the PGA Tour, he's won, I think, the most Web events.

Gore is the perennial guy that's sort of just up and down. And-- and-- and when you know him, you're like, hey, he's sort of OK with it, you know. He, um-- he, uh-- he just-- he just understands that that's-- that's his game, you know. And I wish he was back on the Tour. But you know, Jason Gore, playing in California isn't dangerous, because he's so good at playing on the ProAm. And what I mean by that is the greens get a little bumpy. And-- and he's also an exceptional putter. And he knows how to play this California golf. So I expect him to play well this week.

KNOXY: Yeah, really one good finish, especially at the start of the season, could change the whole year for Jason Gore, the whole career, pretty much. And he's such a nice guy. He's very relatable. And like everyone wants Jason Gore to do well.

ELK: He's a bigger teddy bear than Patton. He's just a bigger one, a rounder one. If they were on your couch, there'd be the thin one and then the really chubby one, two teddy bears right there.

KNOXY: Very cuddly. So from one Jason to another, Jason Kokrak playing in the Safeway Open this week to.

ELK: Kokrak, of course, we all know that Jason Kokrak is probably one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour. He's up there with, you know, Dustin Johnson, you know, Rory McIlroy in distance. He flies the ball 330 yards in the air.

A little bit inconsistent in the season last year, but he did find himself outside of the playoffs but still well exempt for the-- for the season. I just think he's ready to get out and do something, you know. I just think he's left a lot on the table last year. He had his first child last year. So he's been distracted in a good way with the family. And that's good. But I think let's get all that away. Let's get out early. Let's get some FedEx points, play some good golf and get after it.

Of course, I'm already gonna tell you I expect a good week from all of these guys. But I really think Kokrak has a-- maybe a little chip on his shoulder to play well this week, just 'cause he's-- he's-- he was sort of off the-- left off the table, so to speak, of all the big money at the end of the year.

KNOXY: Yeah. I mean, as you said, he played so well last year. And after so many rounds was sitting comfortably in the Top 10 on the PGA Tour. So hopefully, it'll happen for him soon.

Now another guy, one of our players who was making his comeback on the PGA Tour this week and a guy who's been on a past podcast of ours and just gets it. He's so interesting to listen to is "Big Gravy," Colt Knost.

ELK: Big Gravy. [CHUCKLES] Yeah, Colt, he's one of these guys, we tell him he's got the worst body on the PGA Tour, you know.


ELK: He, uh-- he's got the worst body to chase girls. And he's got the worst body to chase girls, and he's got the worst body to play golf. He's short, and he knows that. But you know what? Colt won the US Amateur. He leads in two really important stats.

And I've got to be-- I've got to tell you, people that go on and look at his own channel at Secret Golf, he has two outstanding statistics. One is driving accuracy. He's the number one driver on the PGA Tour. And he makes the most putts of anyone inside a ten feet.

Now we always have this thing on the Tour where we say, can this guy make it? Like, you might say to me, hey, Elk, is this-- and they've got to have two outstanding things to make it on the PGA Tour. Gravy is driving and putting. And he just has to manage his game really well.

He's a-- if you-- you've got to think of a chess player when you think of Gravy. He can't hit it like Kokrak and Kizzire. He's got to knock it in the fairway, knock it on the green, and work his way into the tournament. He's not going to be 64, 68 guy. He's got to be 70, 70, 68, 60. You know, he-- he's got to build on it, you know what I'm saying?

He's been away with a wrist injury. And he's had to sit on the bench. And he's obviously fresh. He's the freshest guy out there. He's looking to get something started this week, right here at Safeway.

KNOXY: Yeah, well, as you say, he's been sitting out, and he's been injured for most of the year since the very start of the year. So he's been watching all of this golf. And he's been putting it on Twitter. And I know he's spoken to you that he's bored. So he's been sitting back just itching to get going. And it's great for him to make his return to the PGA Tour this week at the Safeway.

ELK: Yeah, he, uh-- and my team plays his team on the weekend. And he went to SMU. And my Houston Cougars play him on the weekend. So he's gonna come over to the [INAUDIBLE] and see me. So we're gonna-- we're gonna visit a little bit about that.

But everybody loves Big. Gravy. And, um, he's friends, of course, with Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. And he hangs out with all those guys. And he's kind of their mascot. So he, uh-- maybe he's their bouncer. I don't know. But he's just glad to get back out there. I mean, he's ready to go.

KNOXY: You know, that's funny. Do you know how on Twitter, if you haven't on been for a while, and it's say, "Things you've missed." And it's people that tweet a lot that you both follow, and whatever. It's always you as number one. And he comes up as number two. So the both of you are very prolific tweeters.

ELK: Well, yeah. Gravy-- Gravy is great, 'cause he tells you exactly what, you know, he's thinking. He's-- he's unable to not tell the truth, same as me. And it may come out on Twitter that way. We're unable to not tell the truth. So if someone-- if we blurt something out, it's exactly the way we think it's gonna be. You know what I'm saying? And I get-- I get in trouble for it all the time. And so does he.


ELK: Yeah. Well, less, I'm getting in trouble less.

KNOXY: Well, yes, less trouble is good. So we have two guys at Secret Golf who played at last year and have just graduated on to the PGA Tour. The first one is Martin Piller.

ELK: Martin Piller won this year out in California, late in the year. He was absolutely nowhere on the scene to get on the PGA Tour. He was like ranked 100th on the Web, which for him, very subpar performance. But then he won late down in San Jose, finished up not getting himself into the Top 25. But then he came back and graduated himself in those last four playoff events. So he's back on the Tour.

He's also one of the most prolific Web winners. He's won-- I think he's won like five Web events. I think he's won more than anyone else. He's been on the Tour before and lost his status and gone back and forth.

His wife, of course, Gerina Piller, a Secret Golf girl, she's had her own successes. But I think this is the year for them to both settle down and make-- you know, get on-- clearly, Martin's good enough to play, because he's won five times on the Web. And he's been on the Tour. And he's finished second on the PGA Tour. Time for him to settle down and get out there and play some golf.

KNOXY: Yeah, exactly.

ELK: And I'm sure he's-- I'm sure he feels the same way.

KNOXY: Yeah, for sure. And as you say, with his wife Gerina looking for her first win on the LPGA Tour, the two of them have to be very, very motivated right now and both really going for it this year.

ELK: Yeah. Most lovable couple that ever played the Tour, those two. Everybody loves the Pillers. They're great people.

KNOXY: Yeah, they are so sweet. So another one of our Secret Golf guys who played last year. And this will be his rookie season on the PGA Tour, a guy that's been on one of our past podcasts, as well, and is feeling very excited is Ethan Tracy.

ELK: Yeah, this will be his first day he's walked on the PGA Tour. And it would be-- I know it would be a dream come true for Ethan. He had a really good week last week down at the-- he's been in a bit of a lull. Once he got his PGA card, he won during the-- he's the guy that we came to the last hole, one shot back, and holed a wedge shot to get into a playoff, and then won the playoff.

So he won on the Web. Then he sort of had this big lull during the year. And I talked to him on the phone. And he was excited about getting this-- you know, he-- he did it. He was so excited. He's gonna get married here right at the end of the year. And he had a great week last week in the last event of the Web. So I got to think that he's feeling good, because he just, you know-- you know, finished eighth, I think, last week in Jacksonville.

So and now today is his first round on the PGA Tour, and I'm just-- I'm just excited that, uh, you know, we-- we picked him as one of our players. And he's graduated. And he's just-- he's out there. Man, he's doing it, living the dream.

KNOXY: Oh, living the dream, indeed, what a dream to be living. But yeah, that podcast we did with Ethan Tracy not long ago, you can actually go back and listen to that, because-- I mean, he was just talking about what it would mean to him to get that PGA Tour card. And for his rookie season to be getting underway today is just amazing. I think at the point where we spoke to him, he had actually secured his card in the Top 25.

ELK: That's correct. He-- that's correct. But he-- but he did also, in the podcast, tell us that he was just gonna keep playing, you know. He's just gonna try to-- I said, are you gonna have a rest now that you've made it? He goes, no, I think I'm just going to keep going. I don't know anything else to do. I'm getting married in the fall. I need some money, more money, more money.

So they're just working, you know. They're sort of a new wave guys. They tend to play a lot more golf than we did. And-- and, you know, we all know that Jack Nicklaus would only play 15 events. Tiger used to play somewhere around 18 or 19. You know, I even got my schedule eventually down to about 22. And that's where I did really well.

We're seeing these guys playing more than that. They're playing 30, 32. I've even heard as much as 38. And I don't know how the body keeps going with that and the mind gets fresh. But hey, they just want to stay at it. I don't know, what's your brother play? Your brother Russell Knox, of course, he-- how many events do you think he likes to play?

KNOXY: I don't know, actually. I think with Russell, his season last year did not really go that well for him, not as well as he had hoped it would, anyway. So I think he probably played in more events than he'd originally planned to. But he's not playing in the Safeway this week, because he's off to Malaysia on Saturday and then the new tournament in Hong Kong and then in China.

And he's feeling good about it. I think he's feeling great about his game. And it's, you know, tournaments that work well for him. He won the WGC in China two years ago. So I know he's really excited right now and hoping for a few good weeks. And hopefully, next season, or this new season, is a little bit better for Russ.

ELK: Good for him. Who else we got left there playing on our little--

KNOXY: Well, I looked, and that's six. But you said that we have seven Secret Golf players in the Safeway this week. So you tell me, who's the other one?

ELK: [CHUCKLES] We signed Chris Stroud, who won the Barracuda. He also played so well. People will remember Stroud played really well in the PGA. He was-- he was leading the PGA through the three rounds, which of course, was the week after he won in Barracuda.

Stroud played, like, I don't know-- he told me-- he came and practiced with me the other day at Champions. And he's like the nicest guy. He's so smart, this guy. And-- and, you know, his own admission, we'll have his player channel coming. We haven't shot it yet, but of course, we'll have it lined up to shoot.

Stroud told me on the driving range the other day-- he came out to Champions-- and I said, what-- what did it for you, man? What's the deal, you know? Because everybody was so happy that Stroud finally won one. I don't know, I hate it when these guys, they say, he hasn't won a tournament in 277 starts. It sounds so, uh, so painful.

But, um, he said, Elk, I just kind of went back to my old swing. I've been trying to do all these things with all these instructors to make my swing look better and all this. But he said, really, he went back to his natural swing. And he just polished it up a little bit more. So I think there's a lesson to learn there. And we'll enjoy that player's channel, Diane, because a lot of guys try to change their swing. And we're gonna-- we're gonna get-- get into it with Stroud on how he stayed so natural.

KNOXY: I mean, we've heard it time and time again recently. It's something you talk about as well is just keeping it simple and remembering what made you good in the first place.

ELK: Yeah, well, we have a saying that we say on the-- to Tour players and I-- I work with my son Sam all the time is we add, we add, we add, we add. We add all these things to our swing to try to get to where we want to go. And then then we take away, take away, take away, take away. And when you take away all the bells and whistles, you're left with this streamlined, beautiful, real simple action.

And I think what happens is a lot of these guys forget to do all the takeaway stuff. They just go out of there with all the different thoughts. So you have to add, and then you have to take away and-- and go with what's left.

KNOXY: Exactly, good advice. So we'll be keeping an eye on all of our Secret Golf players this week at the Safeway Open. Good luck to them all. I'm sure your PGA Tour app, your leaderboards is going to be looking busy.

One guy that's not playing in the Safeway this week is Brian Harman. But you spent some time with him last week. He's an exciting guy to be around right now.

ELK: Brian Harman is I think he's doing the same exact schedule as your brother. I think he's going over to play some of the events in Asia. Um, I spent a week-- I spent a week down in Georgia last week, Diane. And I got the-- the pleasure of filming Brian Harman the second day after I did Patton Kizzire at this most wonderful golf course I've ever seen called Frederica, a private course down on St Simons Island that has like, I don't know, nine chipping greens. And it has the biggest driving range in the world. It's just like unreal.

Well, one of the things not stressed to you enough-- of course, Brian Harman is already known as, um-- of course, he won the tournament in Charlotte. He led the US Open that eventually Brooks Koepka won. He was second there. He led it for 66 holes, a little left-handed guy.

I was so mesmerized, Diane, when I was filming, uh, Brian Harman. This guy, he does something totally different than I've ever seen before. He is, um-- he almost plays golf like a guitarist. What do I mean by that? He-- he-- he listens to the sound of the strike, and he copies it. And-- and-- I'm not going to go too heavy into it, because you're gonna have to watch his channel. But he is motivated by sound, like a guitarist learns how to play a-- play an instrument. And, of course, he has all these ideas of technique to do it. But it was just amazing that Brian Harman is big on acoustics, how this all sounds to him inside of his head and how he chases that sound to make it happen.

And by the way, he is like militarily organized, Brian Harman. He is so-- so streamlined. Every shot that he hits is already-- he's already hit it in his head. He's already done a drill to sort of, uh, guarantee that that's gonna happen. He has the audio in his head. He has the swing action in his head. And then he just walks in, and he hits the most unbelievable shots you've ever seen for short game, long game.

He-- he's just-- he's just a wonderful player that people really need to come and listen to what he's talking about, because I've already added about two things, uh, to my game just from-- just from shooting Harman. He has a little bit of Ti-- like a Woods in him. He's like Tiger. We were doing a putting drill on the-- on the green. And they said, we always put our players through a three-footer. How do they make it for all the money? How do they make it to do all this great stuff?

Harman said, I wouldn't be thinking about this. I wouldn't be thinking about that. I wouldn't be changing my stroke. I'd make sure I-- you know, in other words, he went-- he went full Jackie Burke. He went full Marine Corps. And people just have to come and see-- see his channel. It was-- it was fabulous. Getting to know Brian Harman is one of the great treasures that I've ever done on our shoots.

KNOXY: Wow, that's so good. I love hearing stories like that, very, very cool. So yeah, we shot the player channels for Patten, Kizzire, and Brian Harman. And I'm gonna start working on them this week. So we will get them to you at very, very soon.

ELK: Good to have you back, Diane. And your accent is, uh-- is on point today.

KNOXY: Ah, thank you. It's very good to be back with my Scottish/Australian accent. What a combo that is, just like this podcast. So what are you go and do today in California? Are you gonna go and watch some golf?

ELK: I'm off to go-- to go, uh, test some wines. [LAUGHS]

KNOXY: I mean, what else is there to do when you're in Sonoma and close to Napa Valley? Just drink lots of wine. Are you gonna watch any of the golf, though?

ELK: I will have my-- I'm gonna play golf today at Napa-- Napa Country Club, right here, a beautiful place. And, um, I am, uh, gonna be watching my scoreboard. And then when the guys finish, Martin Piller is coming over to the big show. So I've got him some nice, uh, some nice wine. Then he wants to-- we're gonna sit here and talk about him getting back on the PGA Tour tonight. That's what we're going to do.

KNOXY: Excellent. That sounds good. Well, have a fun night. Enjoy the wine. Keep some for me. I would love a bottle back.

ELK: We'll take it light.

KNOXY: Well, you better, because Martin's got some work to do over the next few days. Thank you, Elk. Have fun in California.


KNOXY: No, I need to encourage him. He's probably gonna have a little bit too much fun. Good luck to all of our Secret Golf guys taking part in the Safeway Open this week as well.

Fun podcast, good to talk about all of that. Um, we were talking about Colt Knost and Ethan Tracy and Martin Piller. They've all done podcasts with us before. So you can go back and listen to those. Check it out at Also, you can follow all the action on Twitter. We're @SecretGolf. And, um, Elk is @ElkPGA. I'm @KnoxyDiane. Just while we're going through all these Twitter names. Why not?

And also, go onto iTunes. If you click on the Podcast bit and search for Secret Golf, you can subscribe to our podcast, listen back to old ones. And of course, you will get all the new ones as they come in. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Safeway Open. And we'll be back with another podcast next week.