Secret Golf

Secret Golf Story

In 2010, Steve Elkington, Mike Maves, and Jackie Burke launched an internet platform that changed the way golfers taught, learned and talked about golf. Beginning with blogs, golf's finest cartoon series and an ever-expanding series of fun and brief informative golf videos, the Secret Golf team created a place where golfers could engage around the original content as well as anything else that was great in golf.

The Secret Golf team is a group of expert golfers and pioneers in golf specific media and learning. This gang also happens to be a somewhat crazy and engaging group of folks. Ten-time PGA Tour and major championship winner Steve Elkington joins living legend Jackie Burke Jr. and internet golf instructor Mike Maves on a mission to teach golf and build the best media platform the golf world has seen while they travel the countryside digging into the heart and soul of the American golf landscape. Joining them is the rest of the Secret Golf team and the many people they meet as they travel the countryside searching out the most interesting places in America where golf is played.