Gaby Lopez - Dogleg Right Tee Shot

Gaby Lopez takes us through her entire process for hitting a shot on a uphill, dogleg right par 4. No matter where she is on the leaderboard or which hole she's on, she goes through the same pre-shot routine.


We're at the 16th hole here at Las Colina Country Club. Why don't you walk us through this hole here? Par-four, up the hill. What are you doing here?

Well, I like to, first of all, when I'm playing a tournament, come here, play nine holes, and then I'll walk the other nine with my putter and my wedges just to take a look at the golf course. I like to go through the golf course and exactly just take some numbers and do something like a caddy job would for me, just getting to know the course very well.

So for this one, It's a par-four. It's a four or five yards duck like right. So that tree on the right kind of comes into play if you hit it too far right.


So we want to hit this about 10 yards right of that bunker on the left.


So I might play just down the middle and a little draw to hit it exactly where I want. I have a clear shot to the green.

OK. So this is whether it's the first hole of the tournament or you're on this hole with three holes to go in the big tournament, same idea?

Yes, well, I--

I mean swing-wise.

Oh, yeah, swing-wise is the same. For sure. I like to think it'll probably the 1st hole and 17th hole. It will be the same routine process. I'm not going to change it, if it's working.

You bet.


Did you have a little-- one practice swing there?

Yeah, I just like to feel just a little bit of rhythm.


Unreal. You smashed it.

That should be good.

You smashed it. That's really good there.