Jason Gore - Pump Drill

Jason Gore utilizes this drill to make sure his backswing is in tune. He calls it the Pump Drill, and setting the club before taking it back allows him to gauge his timing.


We were talking about your backswing and there's one crucial position that you-- We all try, a lot of us tries that, you know, pure position back here that we're looking for, right? And then you say you turn. Let's blow that out a little bit. So--


So on your backswing, for right now, you're really trying to find-- I'm gonna put that in the middle just because you showed me that earlier. Now lets see what you-- Let's see your position that you go for.

Yeah. So, what I try to do is try to feel like I get here and kind of set the wrists here.

And then just--

And then I'm trying to get my hands-- The club hits through my hands here, from down the line view, and then from there all I do is turn my shoulders.


From there all I'm trying to do is just make a shoulder turn and go straight to there. And then from there, just let the rubber band go.


We'll get to the downswing, of course. Show us the drill you work. There's a drill you do on that.

Yeah I--

Let's hit a couple with the drill.

This is my heat check kind of thing. If I can do this well, I know I'm swinging it well. So I'll just-- I'll take a few wedges. This is eight iron. So, I'll just set it here, go here, make-- turn it back, come straight down. And I like do a pump drill to where I keep my wrist angles here and I'll just come down and do this.

Right back to the same spot?

Right back to the same spot. And I'll do it a couple of times and then I'll just, go ahead and hit it.

Damn, you hit that good too.

Swinging it good obviously.

So that way I can feel like I can hold my lag. And I get--

What's the pump do just so you don't have to hit a bunch of balls?

No, it just makes me feel like I'm getting back down to the same position.

I see. And you're trying to get like literally back to where it was, like actually. Not up here, or over there.

Right. And it helps me feel like I hold my lag and I'm keeping my wrist angles the same. You know, so I don't start throwing it from the top.


Or throwing it from halfway down.