Jason Gore - 2 Iron

The 2-iron is a difficult club to master. Find out how Jason Gore has made it a staple in his bag.


This is a kind of a red club right here-- a 2 iron. I want to see that. I want to see you hit that. You're the only-- mine supports tomatoes in the backyard. What do you do with that? You're a high hitter, so you can handle it, right?

Yeah, I've never really gotten into the hybrids. I've always hooked hybrids, which--

That's not good.

--if anything, we've got out of this--

We don't like hooks.

--we don't like hooks. And the funny thing is, is I feel like I could actually turn this over.

So you're so comfortable with it that it won't hook, then you'll let it actually draw.

Yeah, and I feel like I can hit this chaser down the fairway. It's a fairway finder club for me, and I never had a problem hitting it high or low. And they make 'em so easy to hit now. This is one of those hollow back clubs and graphite shaft.

What do you hit that? 240?

Yeah, this is my 245 club. So It's not like an old Hogan 2 iron. This things a little easier. It's a little friendly.

I don't want you to answer this statistically-- like we know what the tour average would tell you what the angle of descent to make this thing go-- but do you try to sweep this? Or are you still trying to pinch?

Depending on the shot. But it's more of a sweep club.


Yes. Yeah,

We're getting away from going into the divots and we're almost to the sweeping stage.

Yeah, we're getting close.

I tell people the short irons are down, the five irons, and they start to get less. The long lines start to sweep, and then the driver is up. That's how I think of it.

Yeah, this is not to be tried at home club.

No, this is big boy club.

Hybrids are almost cheating now. They're so good now. I think they've revolutionized the game more than the belly putter did.

Than the 60 degree.


I want to see the shot that none of us have anymore and that's the high 2 iron, I guess.

The high 2 iron?

The high 2 iron.

Oh yeah, yeah, I'd say that'd be all right.