Jason Dufner - Preparing For The Masters

Jason Dufner discusses how he prepares for the Masters. From hitting more draws and working on his putting, he tailors his practice based on every major and the type of course he will be playing on.

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Jason Dufner Tournament Preparation


Every major is a little different. Leading into Augusta, I try to hit some tee shots that work right to left because I know I need that. You start working on kind of closely mown areas, fairway height stuff, because that's about all you see at Augusta. So you want to kind of dial in that pitching and chipping. Because you have to be very, very precise with land, where you land it, how close you're landing it to your spot, and then also be pretty precise with your spins. So making sure that all those things are-- boxes are checked.

You kind of work on some uneven lie stuff because at Augusta you have a lot of different terrain-- uphill, downhill shots, ball below your feet, above your feet. Trying to hit the different shots off of those lie angles it's a little bit abnormal for us. And then week of, I'll do a lot of light putting because not always-- you can't always get it in the quite-- the correct quadrant or section. So you have a lot of these 60, 70 putts that have a lot of break or a lot of uphill or a lot of downhill that you might not see out on the tour week in and week out.

So Augusta has that prep. Different prep for U.S. Open. Different prep for Open Championship. PGA Championship is probably the closest that we get to a regular tour event.