Jason Gore - Warming Up Before A Round

Jason Gore has a warm up routine that is centered on one goal: relaxing.


Are you a big warm up guy? Are you like a 20 minute guy? Hour guy?

30 minutes, maybe.


You know usually it involves some BS-ing.

Exactly. Exactly. You're not like grinding.

No. I'll maybe come back and talk to my caddie for a little bit. Maybe like, hey, what are we going to do off the first tee or--

Yeah, watch a couple other guys, or something.

No. No, I don't really watch many.

What do you go up to then? Like an eight or seven?

I don't know. Whatever smiles at me.

I see. I got you.

What do you think?

I think--

Wanna go seven?

Seven. Let's go seven today

Yeah let's go seven, OK.

Will go odds

I don't really have --


No, it's whatever. I usually kind of go like I hit eight-iron yesterday I'll go seven today.

Yeah so some people, for example, in our group like Stacy Lewis. She goes through the bag and hits like exactly the clubs that she's going to hit on the course. And she hits the same routine each time. Like she'll hit four drivers slice, four drivers. She does real. I'm not saying we should do that. I'm just saying that's her deal.

Well, she's really good. Maybe I should.

She is really good.

She is really good.


I mean the one thing I do do before I play is whatever tee shot I'm going to hit off the first hole.

Hit that.

I'll hit that as my last shot leaving the range. And I mean I usually warm up, hit drivers, and then I'll go down and hit a short iron, maybe depending maybe like a 90-yard wedge or something like that.


And then before I go with whatever club it his driver, three-wood, two-iron, whatever it is--


--I'll hit that before I go, put it in the bag, and say, "Let's go golfing."

And that's pure there. I mean you make a big motion, really nice big motion. Do you have to like stretch or anything?

I stretch in the morning and stuff like that yeah.

Just nothing crazy or mainly legs or back or?

Mostly back. Yeah I just kind of do some Just nothing crazy, crazy.

No. Let's face it, you're a natural.