Jason Dufner: Driver

Jason Dufner demontrates his driver swing.


This was your baby, right here. This is your favorite club. You like hitting driver, don't you? You're good at it.

I hit a lot of drivers. I hit a lot more drivers than most guys. I haven't done the research, but I have a hard time believing that I hit my driver any straighter than my three wood.

You're saying you do or don't.

I don't feel like there's any difference. So you hear people, this holds tight, this holds that. I'm going with three wood. I have my driver just as straight as my three wood. Now if it runs out 285--

That's different.

--that's a different story.

I'm just talking about-- you're just talking about in general.

Yeah, you get those holes-- I've played with a lot of guys in Harvard town. They're hitting driving irons. I'm slinging drivers all over that golf course, right? And I've had some success, but that's a tight golf course.

But I feel like I gained an advantage on that field that week. US open, we played Oakmont. I'm seeing a lot of guys hitting two irons off first tee, I'm hitting driver. My 7 wood isn't any straighter than my driver.

I got you.

So I can gain a huge advantage by doing that, so I like to play aggressive with my drivers. The hole's straight, and there's no bend or there's no creak or there's no bunker through the middle of the fairway--


--driver. Yeah, I'm hitting a lot of drivers. And with my driver, everything's just to touch different, because the way the technology's changed.

Slightly different set up.

Yeah, ball's a little bit further up. And because the ball is a little bit further up, I need to aim a little bit further to the right. We're hitting it on the up--

So it's got to come back to the left.

--it's got to come to the left, so that's something I've adjusted with. I don't want to hit down on driver. I want to be about neutral, which has been hard for me, but--

So you have to work on not hitting down on it?

Yeah, so what I've done is I've put the ball up more. I've got to aim a little bit further right. Golf swing's a little bit the same other than my exit. I want to feel like I'm hitting from behind, like I'm really hitting from behind, like my body is behind, but I'm still rotated, and I'm hitting--

And you're encouraging the up pull.

Trying to hit it up.

And we know that the more you hit up on it, the more it wants to come back to the left.

Yeah, and carry

And carry.

I'm maxing out what the driver can do.


And my distance went up this year because of it. I changed all these things, and this year we just had was the furthest that I'd ever had on PGA tour for driving distance out of 12 years-- or 11 years, and I'm going to be 40 next year.

You're so strong.

I'm sneaky far. So I got the ball up a little bit. I'm going try to hit up on it. So that one laid back a little bit, but that's pretty straight.

It was in the game.

So and not much changes with the swing other than the setup a little bit, and then a little bit with my release.

Is that hard for you to aim right. That's really hard for me.

It's really hard.

It's really hard.

Especially when you're in the heat of a tournament.

Yeah, but you've got a nice thing to balance it out, which is stay back and hit up on it.

Especially from a guy who just told you earlier I like to play from open.

That's why I asked you that, yeah.

I feel like I'm aiming in the right trees, so that's hard to trust, right? Visually you're feeling like, I'm in these right trees. It's going to go there. You almost have to turn those things in your brain off and just go with it.

What's that drive spin at, low spin?

I'm in the 22 to 26 range.

That's low. That's pretty low.


But you get-- if you get up, then you'll get the carry.

I get the carry. I get-- I need to get my launch up in that 12, 13, 14 range.

That's what you're looking for.

Yeah, ball's up, aiming a touch right.

There's a good one.

That was a good one there. And we're working on the range, so that's a touch higher than what I would like to see.

Once you get on the course--

But I'm trying to work. I'll stand behind and hitting up. And then on the course, I turn that off, I pick my target, and I swing.

Play golf.