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Colt Knost explains how he sets up and powers his putting stroke that produces a tension free action.

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Putting Colt Knost


How do you motor it? What are you motoring? What are you using to hit it with?

So I've always been a big proponent of-- I mean pretty much there's no ball there. The ball just gets in the way, because I mean it's a putting stroke. You're not hitting it, nothing. Maybe back in the earlier days when the greens were so slow, you did have to have a little hit.

Might have a little hit, yeah.

But now the greens are so fast, I mean, all you got to do is let the ball just get in the way. So my whole deal is I like to hover it. And then I try to make the stroke the same speed back and same speed through. So if the putt's long, it's a faster backstroke and faster through. If it's short and really quick, it's a very slow. But there's never any change in pace. So therefore, there's no tension.

Turn around and putt as if you were putting out that ball there just-- Let me ask this, do your arms-- are you squished in or is this all loose?

No, everything's relaxed.


So the one tendency I get into is my shoulders get a little open.

I do that too.

So I start each morning with a mirror on the ground.

To hit check that.

Yeah, I hit six to 10 putts every morning just to check to make sure my shoulders square. And then I just try to emulate that on the golf course.

Are you using a little hands, a little shoulders, a little combo?

I would say it's more the bigger muscles, almost like the back of your biceps and your shoulders.

Turn around and hit it again for me and maybe--

So there's definitely no hands you don't-- never this way.

None of that

My hands don't really move. Me, it's just everything kind of moves together.

I think you're the first guy that I've seen that actually hovers it since Jack. I don't know of any other player on tour, that I can think of, that hovers it.

Yeah, I know Rickie Fowler goes back and forth a little bit.

Does he?

He's one of the first guys I remember seeing do it.